Resident Evil Village and Biomutant are the most anticipated games of May 2021

Resident Evil Village and Biomutant are the most anticipated games of May 2021

The election of the most anticipated game of the month for May 2021 seemed rather a telephone call and instead a composite selection of two games came out, contrary to expectations, with Resident Evil Village emerging alongside Biomutant. These are two very promising games, but considering the blazon of the series, a solo victory of the Capcom game was perhaps foreseeable: instead, in the editorial survey we wanted to demonstrate a certain originality in the choices, apparently, since Biomutant turned out to be instead the most voted title. On the other hand, it cannot be said that the month in question is poor in interesting proposals: in addition to the two titles in question, which certainly represent the most important games of May 2021, there are still several other titles to keep an eye on, from triple A of considerable size to other games that hit the most specific niches of users.

Resident Evil Village presents itself with a remarkable gothic fairy tale atmosphere. to mention Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, or the re-edition of the famous science fiction trilogy of BioWare, the PC version of Days Gone, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey and Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition only to remain among the most popular. All these games are contained within the month of May, a very rich period for the videogame market in anticipation of E3 2021 and the news it should bring to the scene. However, there are also more particular experiences such as Famicom Detective Club, Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Knockout City and Shin Megami Tensei 3. In short, there is really a bit of everything coming up in the coming weeks and the two choices that emerged from the election of the game of the month should not be misleading, because they are just two of the many games that we would do well and keep an eye on. among those arriving on the market.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

The fight, in the survey held within the editorial staff, was consummated exclusively between two games, which practically attracted the vast majority of votes: Biomutant and Resident Evil Village. In the end, for really a handful of points, it was Biomutant who emerged as the winner, in a rather unexpected way. The particular project of Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic is a bit of a return to certain particular productions that you don't happen to see very often anymore, especially characterized by a production of this caliber. The third person action RPG stages the adventures of a strange creature similar to a sort of genetically modified and anthropomorphic raccoon, struggling with a strange post-apocalyptic world in which the balance between nature and technology is quite different from that. we are used to. It is a game that intrigues a lot and is certainly endowed with remarkable character, waiting to put it back to the test of the controller.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends offers multiplayer action in a very particular context The runner-up doesn't need any details Introductions: Resident Evil Village was arguably considered the number one candidate for the most anticipated gambling spot and didn't really reach the top by a whisker. The new chapter of the main Capcom survival horror series continues with the innovations introduced in the previous chapter but moves everything into a completely different setting, recovering something of the rural atmosphere of the fourth chapter but introducing a gothic style from a black fairy tale to which we are not used to in this series. In third place, but at an abysmal distance, we find Hood: Outlaws & Legends, the particular multiplayer action game with a medieval setting focused on clashes between bandits engaged in various missions. Below the podium are scattered crumbs of votes, with Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition being the only game to stand out a bit more.

Readers' most anticipated

Definitely clear and unequivocal is the verdict of the poll released to the readers of, which assigns the most anticipated game title of May 2021 to Resident Evil Village, adapting more to what seemed to be the premises of the month that has just begun. On the other hand, the demo distributed in these days has given the opportunity to directly test all the excellent things that the new Capcom title intends to bring to our screens, probably entice even the most reluctant to at least consider the possible purchase. Even in this case, however, Biomutant managed to stand out in a remarkable way, although it took the second place on the podium really by a whisker, at a distance of a single percentage point. The fascination of this strange title has also struck the readers, who have decided to concentrate their expectations largely on this bizarre action RPG.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition brings back the BioWare sci-fi RPG trilogy in a renewed guise In third position, practically flanked by the THQ Nordic title, we find Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the re-edition of the historic sci-fi RPG trilogy by BioWare and EA. The collection in question was not particularly considered in the internal survey of the editorial staff, it must be said, but this could also be due to the fact that you have already played the originals, while the current re-proposal is also strategically addressed to the public that has not had the opportunity to try the chapters at the time. In any case, he wins the third place on the podium at least among the readers with an excellent result. Below the top three, the only other game that managed to collect some votes by breaking away from the bottom is Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne HD Remaster, followed at some distance by Days Gone in the PC version, a title that we we would have expected to see higher, honestly.

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