Gaming Headphones | The best of May 2021

Gaming Headphones | The best of May 2021

One of the most important aspects in a videogame work is undoubtedly the audio. Each player has their own favorite way to take advantage of this entertainment medium, and the auditory aspect can change in many ways depending on the device that the individual player decides to combine with their experience. Among the groups of enthusiasts there are several users who prefer to play with gaming headsets for different needs, and online now you can find a whole series of products of different workmanship and quality.

Headphones are still in great demand although headset-style headphones have been cleared everywhere for several years. On the market, in fact, you can find earphones of different quality and suitable for practically all budgets. In this guide we will provide you with some of the best earphones suitable for playing on any gaming platform.

Best gaming earphones

Sony MDR LUDOS ULTRA GAMURRY Marshall EQ Earphone BOSE QuietComfort 20

Earphones Sony Mdr

Let's start with a pair of earphones suitable for all budgets. With the Sony Mdr you will have at your side a pair of super versatile earphones suitable for any occasion. Thanks to the customizable pads of different sizes, the single earphone can be perfectly adapted to your earcup, allowing you to better hear the game audio and to isolate the noises that arrive outside the game without too many problems. With a minimal expense you can take home a pair of good quality earphones that are beautiful to look at on any occasion.

LUDOS ULTRA earphones

We remain on a fairly low budget and suitable for everyone with the LUDOS ULTRA. This pair of bi-color earphones feature total ergonomics thanks to their lightness and the customization of the individual pads. To this we add a crystalline audio, able to make you distinguish without too many problems the differences in tone from the various moments of the game, even the most excited ones. In addition to this, these headphones also feature a built-in microphone, thanks to which you can interact within the various voice chats of your favorite online games.

GAMURRY earphones

Let's move on to a second type of low budget earphones with the GAMURRY model. These headphones, unlike the first two previous models, do not have customizable pads but thanks to their particular shape they can easily be adapted to all types of ear cups. In addition, this pair of earphones feature technology that allows for the cancellation of background noise, which gives a greater impact to the game audio and all the sound effects present in the game. Also in this case, finally, there is a microphone to collaborate as a team in online games.

Marshall EQ Earphone

Let's now move on to a pair of earphones mainly suitable for listening to music, but which are also perfectly suited to the gaming phases. By slightly raising the budget you can take home these quality Marshell EQ Earphones, headphones with a fairly low cost and made of more than excellent materials. The auditory quality is no joke either, and the whole thing comes with an extra button used as an equalizer function. Thanks to this button you can always adjust the audio settings as you see fit with a quick and instant click.

BOSE QuietComfort 20

We close with a pair of top-of-the-range earphones. The BOSE QuietComfor 20 have unprecedented ergonomics and a lightness that will give you the idea of ​​not wearing practically anything. Furthermore, thanks to the enveloping and customizable pads, the game audio will always be clean at any time of the game, even the most excited ones. The sound quality and components raise the price of these earphones, but if you are always looking for top quality, then this is the right choice to make.

How to choose gaming earphones

Being suitable for multiple uses, the earphones can also be used to enjoy a gaming session on any existing gaming platform on the market . Unlike a headset, the earphones have fewer features to keep up with but it is fair to mention the functions that can make the different models on the market unique.

Customizable cushions

Many of the modern earphones have detachable and customizable rubber pads. Each model that has this feature (usually) includes at least one extra pair of bearings to be inter-changed into the package. The dimensions of these supports change to better adapt to the individual's ear, so as to always provide optimal audio quality and isolation from external noise.

Noise cancellation

Even some Earphone models to date feature noise canceling technology. Thanks to this, anyone who purchases a model with this feature can be confident that they will always receive superior audio quality. By limiting all ambient noises coming from outside, the listener can focus more on what they are hearing during a match.


Just like many headsets, earphones can also have a integrated microphone. We are not talking about great performances certainly, but if you love taking part in online gaming sessions, a way to communicate with your teammates is always convenient.

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