New Pokémon Snap: the funniest pokémon to photograph

New Pokémon Snap: the funniest pokémon to photograph

New Pokémon Snap

The release of New Pokémon Snap was met with a certain ... impatience, so to speak. We were sorry to see a real fury towards a harmless spin-off, which, moreover, fans of the original had been waiting for for years, and which is only guilty of costing a little too much: we also think it would have been better to propose it to a more budget price, but we cannot deny that we had the right fun taking pictures in the splendid views of the Lentil archipelago. If you have read our review, and then our tips for taking great photos, then you know that in this sequel you can share your creations with other players, who will show their appreciation by awarding you the Golden Apples. Here are some pokémon that could become an excellent subject for your compositions.


New Pokémon Snap: a Pikachu on the beach. We all know that many pokémon are the embodiment of tenderness, especially the smaller and chubby ones like starters and pets like Pikachu or Eevee. New Pokémon Snap offers you many opportunities to take pictures of the cutest monsters, which will immediately attract the attention of other players and almost certainly their Golden Apples. You will find Pikachu often, but the chance for a better photo in our opinion is in Rosiride Beach at level 3: there you will find Pikachu languidly rolling on the beach right at the beginning of the path. Other cute pokémon to keep an eye on? In Floreo Natural Park at level 1, at night, you will find Pichu and Grookey sleeping together in the shadow of a Torterra towards the end of the path, while in the Kongelo Plain at level 2, during the day, you may come across a sleepy Seal floating in the freezing water.


New Pokémon Snap: a Wailmer in the waves. No one is bigger than Wailmer: the gigantic whale pokémon will emerge from the waters in the Opuleo Reef, often catching your attention with a frightening roar as you are turned to photograph something else. It's a spectacular scene that could be worth a few big shots, considering it will take a while to get past the Wailmers in their length. Pull the soft Apples to make him open his mouth wide and you will have another great opportunity to photograph him. Among the biggest pokémon in the game, which hardly fit entirely into the objective, especially if you are close, are the Onyx in the Sandstone Desert at night or the huge Drampa in the Quattroclimi Forest. And then, of course, there are the Lumina pokémon in their specific paths: monsters like the Meganium in the Zona Lumina of the Florea Natural Park or the Wishiwashi will fill your goals, but finding the angle for the perfect shot won't be easy. >

The spectacular ones

New Pokémon Snap: Typhlosion likes it hot. In fact, there are plenty of them. As we explained to you in our previous special, many pokémon react differently to your presence and your instruments: someone could turn around when they feel the pulse of the radar, someone else could start dancing like the Bellossom when you play the melody. Some don't just devour fluffy apples. The Typhlosion in Magmag Volcano at level 2 and the Torchic in the Sabbrucia Desert at level 1, for example, if they are cooked to perfection first. In the Arboros Jungle at night, you will find Morelulls perched almost everywhere: initially they don't seem to have anything special, but try to light up a Cristalfiore in the dense forest with a Lumina Sphere, and you will see what a spectacle when the whole scenario starts to glow.

The eccentrics

New Pokémon Snap: the power of Espurr. There are also pokémon who throw a lot, little to say, and who perform in strange curtains when circumstances allow it. In the Sabbrucia Desert at night, the Miniors will fall from the sky like shooting stars, crashing into the sandy surface and causing noisy dust. You will find them floating around the other pokémon, and by lighting the Crystals at the right time you could see them shine in the sky. Also in the Sabbrucia Desert, towards the end of the night path at level 2, you will find a Flygon sleeping in a sand basin: throw him a Lumina Sphere to wake him up and see him take flight above you, then play the Melody to make him sway in time of music. In the Quattroclimi Forest you will often come across Espurrs fluttering around or lifting rocks and logs with telekinesis. The Crystal Flowers attract their attention: you may see them approach and meditate in front of them like strange gurus.

The most theatrical

New Pokémon Snap: Jynx sing in the theater. Here are some other particularly funny and weird pokémon to photograph. Unpredictable monsters often hide in the holes, so try to hit the mark with the fluffy apples: in the Kongelo Plain at night at level 2, for example, you could find the hidden Furrets, as well as Bunnelby in Base Camp already at level 1, towards the end of the route. Raichu awaits you towards the end of Rosiride Beach already at level 1, busy surfing on the waves of the sea or among the small sand dunes: the radar will make him jump on the spot, while the melody will make him jump for joy. Try to photograph him taking flight on his tail like a surfboard.

New Pokémon Snap: a flying Raichu. In Kongelo Plain, at night, and on level 2, you'll find three Jynx in a cave with a Vanniluxe pacing between them. Light up the nearby Cristalfiore to see the Jynx perform a wacky ballet while Vanniluxe twirls around on itself: be careful, wait for the right moment to take a frontal photo of it. Finally, Scorbunny: in the nocturnal path of the Floreo Natural Park, his flames change color if you hit him with a Lumina Sphere. And a Scorbunny producing blue flames isn't an everyday scene, is it?

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