PlayStation Store, May 3, 2021 offers

PlayStation Store, May 3, 2021 offers

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store renews its offers by taking advantage of the Japanese Golden Week and giving life to the Golden Week promotion, which will keep us company until May 13 with discounts that can reach 80%!

The selection of PS5 and PS4</a> games available at a reduced price is also this time quite large, with several products at never so low figures. Well, what are the must-see deals? Here is our selection!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order brings the lightsaber to the screen in a very convincing way. It seemed only right to start with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4, € 19.99 instead of 69.99), since the action adventure developed by Respawn Entertainment has never been available at such a low price. The opportunity is therefore tempting for anyone who has postponed the purchase of the game so far!

Set a few years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III, Fallen Order tells the story of Cal Kestis, a Padawan who escaped by a miracle exterminating the Jedi and taking refuge on the landfill planet Bracca. However, when the troops of the Second Sister locate him, he is forced to flee.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the protagonist Cal Kestis and his inseparable droid. Fortunately, two members of the Resistance intervene to help him, Cere and Greez, who take Cal aboard their ship, the Mantis, and tell him how there is still hope for the universe: there is a map of young people with the necessary skills. to restore the Jedi Order and turn the tide of the bloody war with the Empire.

Retrieving the map will not be easy, but the protagonist of the game will be able to count on the inevitable lightsaber and on a set of skills related to the Force to be unlocked as you progress through the campaign, including spectacular sequences, puzzles environmental and challenging fights that in many ways recall the sub-genre of soulslike!

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons immerses us in the atmosphere of the space battles of the cinematic saga. Another round, another Star Wars tie-in on big discount! In this case we are talking about Star Wars: Squadrons (PS4, € 19.99 instead of 39.99), the EA Motive space shooter that puts us in the shoes of a pilot involved in the merciless battle between the forces of the New Republic and those of the Galactic Empire.

The game's engaging single player campaign, set after what happened in Return of the Jedi, unfolds within fourteen missions that will see us fight first for one faction and then for the other . In addition, we will find some exciting competitive multiplayer modes, a real core of the experience.


Alienation, a frenetic combat sequence. For those who have discovered the talent of Housemarque only with the launch of Returnal, here is the opportunity to recover one of the best twin stick shooters developed by the Finnish studio: Alienation (PS4, 4.99 euros instead of 19.99) is part of the offers of the Golden Week and returns to touch its lowest price ever.

Against the backdrop of a world invaded by a hostile alien race, the game puts us in command of a unit of special soldiers who have the task of cleaning cities from extraterrestrial presence. Alone or in co-op with three companions, we will be able to use the weapons and abilities of each of the three character classes to make our way through hordes of increasingly deadly enemies.

Balan Wonderworld

Balan Wonderworld, one of the game's boss fights. Stop everyone, we know: Balan Wonderworld (PS5 and PS4, 40.19 euros instead of 59.99) has agreed almost all the international critics in rejecting the new project directed by Yuji Naka, the father of Sonic and Nights into Dreams . But in this title we have seen something interesting in terms of art direction, boss fight and soundtrack, and maybe you too have been intrigued by these aspects.

So here's the moment you've been waiting for: the first promotion absolutely for Balan Wonderworld on PlayStation Store, which will allow you to "take the whim", try this peculiar experience first hand and save something compared to the official price.

Other games on offer

As mentioned, the list of titles on offer is also quite substantial this time, but there are names that we have mentioned many times and others that are rarely seen on these in-depth pages. This is the case, for example, of Mortal Shell (PS4, € 19.49 instead of 29.99), the intriguing action RPG by Cold Symmetry that puts us in command of a warrior able to control the lifeless body of his enemies. br>
Speaking of lifeless things, Vampyr (PS4, 9.99 euros instead of 39.99) is also part of the promotion, with its disturbing gothic atmosphere. Set in a dark and violent London, dramatically affected by the Spanish flu, the game by Dontnod Entertainment tells of a doctor turned into a vampire in spite of himself, in search of the truth about what happened and the origin of the evil that threatens to devastate. the city.

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