One by Wacom, perfect graphics tablet for DAD and beginners | Review

One by Wacom, perfect graphics tablet for DAD and beginners | Review

One by Wacom

One of the products that has begun to spread more than the others with the advent of DAD and smart working is probably the graphics tablet, a tool that allows us to use the PC as if it were actually a paper sheet to take notes and then reorder them later, or perhaps more simply to give vent to our creativity through any drawing app.

Among the hundreds of products on the market, ranging from the cheapest one for not too demanding users to products for professionals, one of the noteworthy tablets is definitely the One by Wacom: this product is enjoying great success among users who are approaching the world of graphics tablets for the first time and do not have too many needs because, despite a low price of about 65 euros, the One by Wacom provides an excellent quality surface and a pen that guarantees an excellent response both in terms of speed and precision.

Inside the package we find, in addition to the tablet and the pen, a USB - microUSB cable, a metal clip to remove the stylus tip, three spare tips and a small manual. The One by Wacom we received is in size M (the largest available), measuring 277 x 189 x 8.7mm and offers a working area of ​​216 x 135mm. The weight of 432 g is not excessive and combined with the small size, it allows you to carry it in your backpack without difficulty.

Working area 152 x 95 mm (S) / 216 x 125 mm (M) pressure levels 2048 Pen buttons 2 Tablet buttons 0 Resolution 2540 lpi Report rate 133 pps Available colors Black, red

Design and Materials

Over the years, Wacom has always stood out for the excellent build quality of all its products, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The upper surface of the tablet is in fact very similar to that of the Wacom Intuos, being very resistant to scratches and not easily damaged. An optimally balanced texture has also been applied to the work area, which allows for greater control over the movements of the pen.

The design is simple and minimal, developed leaving little room for imagination and optimizing the better all the spaces available. Unlike the vast majority of other graphics tablets (Wacom and beyond), the One by Wacom does not have a "total black" look: the upper part is black, while the lower one is red, a characteristic that gives a color tone to the different product than usual.

The One by Wacom workspace has been designed to make it as similar as possible to a real sheet of paper, while also imitating the noise when writing.


A very important improvement has been made to the pen that is supplied with the graphic tablet: it goes from the 1024 pressure levels of the Wacom Bamboo to the 2048 of the One by Wacom, thus guaranteeing much more accuracy and speed of use. The pen is equipped with two active buttons and has been developed with Wacom's own EMR technology, so you don't have to worry about having to charge it at the end of use.

Unlike other tablets, in which the activation click required more pressure to start using the pen, the One by Wacom does not have this problem that could be annoying for some strokes. Wacom has integrated a fabric insert into the tablet that acts as a pen holder, perfect for storing it when not in use and preventing it from rolling off your desk.

User experience

The tablet setup it's extremely simple: if you have a Windows or Mac system, just connect the tablet to your computer and download the official drivers from the Wacom website, after which you can start using One by Wacom without any problems. The real novelty, however, is the compatibility with Chromebooks, natively supported: it is not necessary to download any type of driver, the tablet works in a plug and play way and it is sufficient to connect it to use it with your favorite software.

We have performed both writing and drawing tests, using software such as OneNote, PenBook, Krita and Bamboo Paper (on Chromebook). After doing some tests, we can say that the delay between the drawn stroke and the moment it appears on the screen is almost zero. The drawing comes out in a very precise way and the experience is such that it makes any work you are doing great and orderly, whether you are drawing or taking notes while taking a lesson.


The One by Wacom is a graphics tablet designed basically for everyone and that allows you to perform the most varied tasks, which is why it is perfect for the DAD. Even those who have never used one will have no problems getting used to it and the compatibility with Chromebooks is a significant added value, taking into account how much they have spread among students in the last period.

As mentioned , despite being an "entry level" model, the One by Wacom is a good solution even for those who need a tool to draw or retouch photos: whatever software you usually use, from Photoshop to ZBrush, this graphics tablet will will allow you to complete the job without problems.

In conclusion, whether you are looking for a graphic tablet to support your Windows PC, Mac or Chromebook in distance learning or you simply want to approach the world of digital drawing, the One by Wacom is a great option: with a price of around 65 euros (for the M version) it offers good value for money and has all the credentials to meet your needs.

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