LG CordZero A9 Kompressor | Review

LG CordZero A9 Kompressor | Review

The vacuum cleaner market is becoming an increasingly crowded sector and LG is keen to follow Dyson's success and strategy by introducing a new range of cordless solutions suitable for cleaning more than one surface. With CordZero A9 Kompressor, LG offers a model that also integrates an accessory for washing floors, a solution that we rarely find in wireless vacuum cleaners.

How it's made

Cordless brooms they are nothing new and LG has stuck to a familiar design that most people know well; what sets the CordZero A9 Kompressor apart from its main rivals is the independent charging station. In fact, a base is available that allows you to recharge the removable batteries; it is a useful solution for all those who have a large apartment at their disposal and know that they will have to clean for several tens of minutes.

In any case, the body can be divided into three sections (starting from the bottom): brush, extension tube and vacuum unit. The latter, with the classic "pistol" shape, integrates the tank dedicated to the collection of dirt. The power button is located in the upper area, directly on the handle, and is combined with an additional command that allows you to select the cleaning modes.

A small display integrated into the central unit indicates the battery status. Included in the package, in addition to CordZero A9 Kompressor, you will find numerous accessories dedicated to cleaning any surface or point, specifically: four motorized brushes (parquet, tiles, mini for sofa and washing), two extension tubes (soft and rigid), two spouts. There is also an additional battery and two pairs of cloths for washing floors.


In order to use LG CordZero A9 Kompressor it is necessary to combine the various accessories and create the most congenial configuration for the purpose. All accessories are equipped with a quick release system so you can carry out all the operations, with a little dexterity, even with one hand. Also appreciable is the charging base that allows you to insert even the most used instruments, thus avoiding having a portion of the furniture dedicated only to them. For the first use it is not necessary to insert filters or tanks, just install the desired accessory and you can start cleaning.

Experience of use

Once started, CordZero The A9 Kompressor will immediately turn on the vacuum system to allow you to start cleaning the floors right away. The ergonomics are taken care of, the body is well balanced and stable: you will hardly have any complications in this regard. The mobility of the head and its joint are well designed, we were able to reach even the tightest spaces without the slightest problem. The size of the brush allows you to clean flush with the walls without leaving out any dirt, in addition the smoothness of the rollers inserted under it is high, giving a more than positive experience both on parquet and on ceramic. The noise is moderate and varies according to the mode of use, but it remains in line with the top of the range vacuum cleaners.

Generally speaking, the suction level is excellent and the system allows you to remove even the most dirt. stubborn. Different speech, however, for the brush dedicated to washing which, despite the numerous adjustments available, does not allow thorough cleaning; in our opinion, the two fabric discs that can be installed allow a quick pass to the floor without easily removing the most difficult stains.

LG promises an autonomy of 60 minutes per battery in normal mode, in reality we have succeeded to exceed 70 minutes on a single charge; in Turbo mode, on the other hand, where the power is much higher, we have almost 30 minutes of autonomy. For lovers of interconnected devices, LG has integrated the ThinQ system which, via WiFi, allows you to constantly monitor the health of the filters installed inside the CordZero A9 and know the right time for proper maintenance. As far as noise is concerned, CordZero A9 Kompressor is probably one of the quietest cyclonic vacuums tested so far.


After a few cleaning cycles, it is necessary to take care of the maintenance of the device. To do this, all you have to do is follow some small steps common to all vacuum cleaners similar to CordZero A9. Emptying the 0.44 liter tank is very simple and takes only a few seconds; in addition, the quick release button allows you to perform the operation without getting your hands dirty. In order to ensure maximum capacity, LG has integrated a lever into the tank itself that allows it to compact the dirt and ensure a capacity up to 2.4 times higher. The compression system also acts on the filter, removing any accumulation of dust that could limit the suction power.

The motorized brushes are all easily removable with special quick release buttons, so if you have a pet you will be able to remove any hair very easily. No specific maintenance is required for the fabric discs dedicated to washing floors, so we recommend that you wash them like normal floor rags.


LG CordZero A9 Kompressor is available on the website official manufacturer in different variants, each featuring a different bundle. In this way LG tries to meet future buyers, reserving the washing system for those who are really looking for it. The basic package (A9K-CORE1S), available at a price of 699 euros, includes, in addition to the vacuum cleaner, two motorized brushes, two spouts and two batteries. The most complete model, the one analyzed in the test (A9K-ULTRA1B), can instead be purchased at a price of 899 euros.

Generally speaking, we would like to recommend the product to all those who need to clean different surface and reach tight corners of the house (such as under the sofa or bed). The level of cleanliness is high and the vacuum system will hardly leave residues on the floor. The two packs of batteries allow non-stop cleaning, an aspect that is certainly appreciated even if you find yourself carrying out extra tasks not foreseen in the regular routine. Finally, the capacity of the tank, assisted by the compaction system, allows it to accommodate a large amount of dirt. On the other hand, in our opinion, the floor washing system (the so-called mopping) that does not allow an occasional thorough cleaning can be improved.

LG CordZero A9 Kompressor will be available starting from May 25 on LG Online Shop and in the main consumer electronics chains.

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