[LAST DAY] Discounts over 50% on many Samsung products from Unieuro

[LAST DAY] Discounts over 50% on many Samsung products from Unieuro

update May 3, 2021: insertion of new offers on the occasion of the end of the promotion!

Our review of today's best offers continues through the Unieuro portal, where a new initiative focused on Samsung products has arrived, with discounts that even exceed 50% on many products! The promotion is called Samsung Dream Days, and will end on May 3, thus offering you a few more days to be able to take advantage of these excellent prices on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, appliances and much more. Furthermore, since the product offer is so varied, you can also take advantage of this promotion to look for some gift ideas on the occasion of Mother's Day which is definitely great for anyone who has not yet found a suitable gift for the occasion.
As mentioned, there are many items at an excellent price on the portal, but specifically we want to point out the 65 ″ Samsung Series 9 QE65Q90TAT smart TV which receives a discount of € 1000 compared to its typical price, that is, it can be purchased at € 1,499.00. A smart TV that manages to fully immerse you in the images on the screen, thanks above all to its borderless design which, in combination with its refined central support base, gives this smart TV an elegant and almost straight look that, we are sure. , will be an added value to those who are looking for a screen that can also be a valid design element.

Like all models of the 9 Series, this smart TV will also allow you to enjoy multimedia content with a quality never seen before, with an optimized 4K resolution, HDR support and Dual LED technology, managed by the high-performance processor that pushes image quality to the maximum, bringing details and colors to a level equal to that of reality.

In addition, Samsung Series 9 QE65Q90TAT also takes full advantage of the Ambient Mode feature, which will allow the TV to blend into your home environment, even allowing you to place it instead of a painting or to show a selection of images of your choice. instead of the classic black screen. Finally, also Samsung Series 9 QE65Q90TAT is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, and is integrated with the MultiView mode, which allows you to divide the screen into two parts and see the TV on one side, while on the other the mirroring of connected mobile device.

In short, you will have understood that in addition to the Samsung 9 Series QE65Q90TAT smart TV, the offers on Unieuro are many, and therefore our advice is to visit the entire proposal of the portal, within May 3. Before launching the purchase of your next article on Unieuro, remember to subscribe to our four Telegram channels, respectively dedicated to offers, hardware & tech, clothing and sports and Chinese products, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. Happy shopping!

Our product selection

Tablet Samsung Galaxy S7 + S pen - LTE | 699.90 € (849.90 €) Samsung Series 6 QE55Q60TAU 55 ″ Smart TV - QLED 4K | 649,00 € (999,00 €) Samsung s Series 9 QE65Q90TAT 65 ″ Smart TV - QLED 4K | 1.499,00 € (2.499,00 €) Samsung FG77SUSt microone oven - 850W | 299,90 € (499,90 €) Samsung VR10R7220W1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner | 399,90 € (799,00 €) Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner | 499,00 € (799,00 €) Refrigerator Samsung RS66A8101SL | 999,00 € (1,899.00 €) Samsung WD90TA046BE washer dryer - 9 kg | 559,90 € (749,00 €) WindFree Next + external fixed air conditioning kit | 799,00 € (899,00 €)

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