Harry Potter: What's the next step in the Wizarding World franchise?

Harry Potter: What's the next step in the Wizarding World franchise?

Harry Potter

The film series for the Harry Potter books has been completed for 10 years, but money can still be made with the franchise. Despite controversies surrounding creator J.K. Rowling and moderate reviews for the 2016 spin-off franchise Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the brand is still going strong. With Hogwarts Legacy, a video game is in the making that finally allows gamers to send their own sorcerer's apprentice to magical school, and Warner has already indicated that they are considering possible spin-offs with their own streaming service, HBO Max. In addition, the sequels to Fantastic Beasts will continue to come. The series should contain a total of five films, all of which are to be produced under the direction of David Yates. As director, Yates was primarily responsible for all Harry Potter films from part four onwards.

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1 Continuing Harry Potter's story is a stupid idea 2 The Problem Bear 3 How to do the Beasts series still save? After I had already thought about how to continue the film series James Bond, Indiana Jones and Star Wars in a meaningful way, I am now dedicating myself to a franchise with which I personally don't have as much connection as with the aforementioned. Although I've read the majority of Harry Potter books and seen all but the last films and the not-so-fantastic animal films, I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a fan. I appreciate the good actors, the music, the design of Hogwarts and everything that goes with it, but I wouldn't buy myself any merchandise or send Daniel Radcliffe a love letter (he gets that from me for Swiss Army Man anyway).

Recommended editorial content At this point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. As a regular moviegoer (at least before the pandemic) and a fan of fantasy films, it is somehow important to me that the new films in the series find their way back on track. Maybe this is also due to the nostalgia that comes with reading the books at exactly the right age. I think it would be a shame if at some point Harry Potter is only known for one author who should just stop tweeting.

The Harry Potter franchise should do without Harry in the future Quelle: Ladenzeile.de Bei In no other franchise except maybe The Lord of the Rings would it probably be easier to say "let it be". The Harry Potter film series is popular with a lot of people, the books enchanted millions of children all over the world and actually things can only go downhill from here. Even so, I'd like to at least try to find a way that Warner Bros. can keep the franchise alive without scaring off fans and casual viewers alike. To do this, first locate the problems that have plagued the brand recently and then find a way to avoid them in the future.

Continuing Harry Potter's story is a stupid idea

The story of Harry Potter, Hermione, Voldemort and the like is over. After the last volume there was a play to the series, which Rowling gave her consent and on which she co-wrote, but for most people the story ended with Harry and Co. growing up and sending their children to Hogwarts in turn . And it should stay that way. Especially since Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and even Rupert Grint probably don't feel like going back into those roles again. If you want to make an actual sequel, it would probably only be a guest appearance by the original actors. Harry Potter is set in the 1990s. A current film or a current series would therefore have enough time to explain a new chair at Hogwarts or new school subjects, etc. to the original series. Simply bringing Voldemort back would be as lame as the return of the Emperor was in the last Star Wars movie. No, it would take a really good idea for a central storyline so that a return to Hogwarts doesn't just feel like a wearily put together greatest hits record by a world-famous band.

Warner Bros. knew that well also, which is why those responsible decided instead for a prequel series that takes place in the first half of the 20th century. The Fantastic Beasts series is not based on a novel, but on a non-fiction book that is mentioned within the Harry Potter series. However, the scripts for the films come directly from J.K. Rowling herself. Therein lies probably her biggest problem.

The problem bear

J.K. Rowling Source: Carlsen Verlag J.K. Rowling's tendency to provide retrospective background information on the universe of her books in interviews and via her social media appearance, which no one asked about, is notorious. For example, the author has already revealed that at Hogwarts people simply shit on the floor until the sanitary facilities were installed. Or that Hermione's tomcat Crookshanks is actually a hybrid of a cat and a magical creature named Kniesel. In addition, Rector Dumbledore was declared to be gay and the fascist magician Grindelwald his lover. A relationship that is hinted at in the animal films, but is never really named as such.

When Rowling does the explaining again on Twitter, it's still easy to ignore, as the main author of the spin off-series, she builds these unnecessary and often sobering explanations about things that were left open in the Harry Potter series, but now also into the text itself. As a result, the Fantastic Beasts series sometimes looks more like lousy fanfiction than an independent story. For part three, which is due to appear in 2022, Rowling has been assigned to Steve Kloves, who is responsible for the scripts for all Harry Potter films and who has often worked closely with her in this capacity. Perhaps the veteran will be able to filter Rowling's ideas into an edible extract in the future. It would probably be best to just consult them with questions and not let them write the script.

How can you still save the Beasts series?

Two of the three planned films have already been released and part three is in the works. The audience and critics were already annoyed by Part 2. The spin-off needs a clear course correction in order not to be pulped prematurely and filed as a failure.

This should lead away from the focus on Grindelwald and its followers and towards what the title actually promises: the animal beings . The main characters from Newt and his confidants can be kept like that, but at the beginning of part three I would watch as quickly as possible to remove them from the political playing field and send them on their own adventures, which primarily revolve around the creatures. Without being a huge Harry Potter fan, I think the concept of having a hero who studies the magical fauna of the franchise is actually pretty awesome.

The many characters from the Beasts films Source: Warner Bros. Newt, the leading expert in the field of magical cattle, could always be called to help when such a being is in danger, is being exploited for its abilities or is wreaking havoc itself. Like the witcher Geralt in the Witcher series, only committed to an academic mission and animal welfare. The Grindelwald story doesn't have to be completely deleted either, but it could at least move into the background. Just like the rise of the Third Reich is handled in the Indiana Jones series. Perhaps the heroes will meet a few of his minions on their journey every now and then who try to get dragon eggs, griffin feathers or the like in order to make potions, weapons or powerful artifacts from them. This would create a reference to the "historical" reality of the Potter universe without the film feeling like a wiki entry. It would also give Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, and the rest of the cast more opportunities to develop the relationships between characters naturally, rather than simply acting as cogs in a larger plot.

The guest appearances also better known Figures should be moved back and only used when it makes sense. That Dumbledore is a mentor to Newt is not a problem. That the series deals more with his alleged sex friend and his family history than with the relationship between him and our main character, yes. There are parallels here to the Hobbit franchise, where the actual Hobbit has been pushed to the margins of history to make way for the heartbreak of Legolas, Luke Evans' family, and Sauron's prehistory.

I would love to watch the globetrotting adventures of Newt Scamander and his crew and see what exotic and magical critters are around the world. In the current form, I'm getting out of the animal films completely, which is apparently not due to my limited lore strength, since even the hardcore fans seem anything but delighted with them.

In Hogwarts: Legacy you build the main character yourself. Source: Warner Bros. Games As far as the main series or Hogwarts and everything goes, I believe that a media switch to video games is actually the most sensible development for the franchise. For me as a child, a great attraction of the books was at least to imagine which house I would go to myself, which school subjects I would find most interesting and what kind of pet I would have. And I'm certainly not alone in that. As long as it's not hideous licensed mobile phone games like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but high-quality role-playing games, I see a golden future for the brand here.

What do you think? Do you want more stories from the Harry Potter / Beast Universe?

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