Ratchet & Clank PS4: where to find all the Golden Bolts

Ratchet & Clank PS4: where to find all the Golden Bolts

Ratchet & Clank PS4

The planets that make up the levels of the latest chapter of Ratchet & Clank released for Playstation 4 are studded with secrets to discover and collectibles to find. Among the latter there are also the gigantic Golden Bolts, special versions of the characteristic bolts that act as exchange currency within the game. 28 Golden Bolt, which you can then "spend" within the main menu of the game to unlock some customization effects, including changes to the appearance of the characters and the galactic ranger spaceship used by Ratchet, some cheats like that that activates infinite ammo, and many other possibilities to increase the level of fun.

Ratchet & Clank is free on PlayStation Store until March 31, the download is free even if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, once you have redeemed the game it will remain yours forever and you can use it without limitations.

Planet Veldin

Planet Veldin, the one on which you will start your adventure as Ratchet , hosts u n only Golden Bolt, which can be found just outside the garage where the game's protagonist works dreaming of becoming a ranger. Then exit the structure and head to the right: you will immediately notice a magnetic ramp placed at the end of a short climb to be done on foot. This ramp can only be crossed if you have the Magnescarponi, which will be provided to you during the mission on Nebula G34: after taking them, return to Veldin, go up the ramp and you will find the Golden Bolt waiting for you. Planet Kerwan

The first of Kerwan's two Golden Bolts is located in the area of ​​the train that you will have to take to go to the Hall of Heroes. Immediately after setting foot on the platform of the train station, instead of going to the left to continue the mission, head to the right and pass the big crate using the Helicopter Backpack by pressing the R1 button. Then you will have to overcome another wall of crates, beyond which you will find the Golden Bolt and many crates to destroy to earn large amounts of normal bolts. The third Golden Bolt on the list, the second on the planet Kerwan, cannot be missed: it is in fact part of the training course for galactic rangers that you will have to complete to proceed within the story. Planet Aridia

The first Golden Bolt of the planet Aridia is located near the area where, after landing with your spaceship, you will have to speak with Skidd McMarx for the first time. From that location, head left into the sand shark infested area and walk along the rock wall on your right hand side. At one point you will notice a small cave in the rock containing the Golden Bolt, but you will not bea> able to reach it from that side as a barrier will prevent you. To get around the obstacle, continue along the wall, then turn right and you will find yourself in front of a rocky wall that can be knocked down by throwing a grenade, thus clearing the passage to the room with the Golden Bolt. The next Bolt is in the same room where you will find and test the Hydrodisplacer for the first time: empty the room from the water and go downstairs, where you will find a mechanism to turn using your Omnikey. Once this is done, fill the room again with water, then dive in and swim to the Golden Bolt through the newly opened passage. Aridia's third and final Golden Bolt is located in the final area of ​​the level, where you will meet Skidd McMarx's agent who you will need to save to proceed through the story. Once you have obtained the Magnescarponi and the Jetpack, supplied respectively on the Nebula G34 and Gaspar, go up the magnetic ramp that dominates the area and activate the mechanism with your Omnichiave. At this point, some attachment points will appear for your grappling hook, which combined with the use of the Jetpack will allow you to arrive in the area of ​​the Golden Bolt, beyond the great swamp: now you just need to eliminate the surrounding Sand Sharks and recover the bolt. Planet Nebula G34

Once inside the arena dotted with many circular cages and guarded by dinosaur-shaped enemies, go up to the second floor on the right and look for the open cell that will take you to a hidden room: here you will find the seventh Golden Bolt. Rilgar Planet

Rilgar's first bolt is located at the end of the labyrinth formed by the force fields: once you exit, look for the luminous pillar nearby and climb to the top, after which you will notice an area where the fields of force are still active. Make your way by jumping on the pillars of the labyrinth, then enter the square still protected by the force fields and collect the Golden Bolt; to exit, just press the button nearby. Rilgar's second Golden Bolt can only be collected during the Hoverboard race, at any difficulty level, by taking the shortcut that can be reached by jumping through the blue ring after the second corner. The last bolt of this planet is found inside the sewers, in the area that will be submerged by water after your entry. Reach the area where the stepped platforms along the wall on the left are, and start swimming through the tunnel on the right until you reach the Golden Bolt. In order to get this collectible without dying, however, you will need the oxygen respirator that you can get on Pokitaru. Planet Gaspar

Before you can collect the Golden Bolts of this planet, you must first obtain the Jetpack, which will be provided to you after completing the planet's main mission. After that, to find the first collectible you will have to head to the most isolated area southwest of the whole map and press the three red buttons nearby in quick succession to deactivate the force field. To find the second bolt, start from the southernmost area of ​​the map and go up the magnetic ramp, at the end of which you will find a mechanism to be activated with the Omnikey. Proceed along the second ramp, then continue inside the cave and go up to the surface: here you will find a platform to return to the beginning of the path and the Golden Bolt. The third bolt can be found by riding the Jetpack to the top of one of the mountains in the northwestern area of ​​the map. Head northeast for the last collectible on this planet: you will find a square and isolated platform. To collect the bolt, just wait for the lava level to drop from the center of the platform. Planet Batalia

Start at the beginning of the level and continue straight along the road until you find a terminal for the Trapassatore on the left. On the sides of the entrance door of the building you will notice two walls that can be exploited to climb up to the roof, where you will find the fifteenth Golden Bolt. Then continue along the road, bring up the bridge and destroy the tank, then turn right and follow the stepped path until you get to the second collectible on the planet. The last bolt of Batalia is located inside the fortress where you will have destroyed the enemy tanks: before activating the mechanism with the Omnikey, look around and cross the small breach in the wall, then proceed using your Heli-Backpack and turn To the right. Planet Quartu

This bolt can be recovered during the game with Clank, once you arrive in the area with the large electromagnet. Using your robot-gadgets you will first have to jump on the robot-trampoline, then create a bridge and carry another robot-trampoline to the other side. Then, go back and retrieve a bomb, with which you will have to destroy the barrier that prevents you from entering the tunnel that hides the Golden Bolt, which can then be reached by jumping on the last robot-trampoline you placed. After the fight with Mrs. Zurkon, go to the door protected by a puzzle for the Tracer and open it, then move the mechanism for the Omnikey and fly the Jetpack across the lava to find the second Golden Bolt of Quartu. To find the next collectible, go back to Mrs. Zurkon's arena and head into the room containing the monitor room: here you will find a button that, when pressed, will show you the location of the next Golden Bolt. Just follow the path shown to find it. Pokitaru Planet

For the first bolt on this planet, simply dive into the water just below the first raft you will use during the main mission, and then head under a ring-shaped object. The second collectible is a bit more difficult to find. First you will have to head near the small island just east of the landing point of your spaceship. Dive into the water and cross the underwater cave, then return to the surface and climb the path, also using your grappling hook: once you get to the top, you will have to defeat the large monster similar to those seen on Gaspar to make the Golden Bolt appear. Once you have recovered the previous bolt, dive into the water and swim to the small islet in front of you: climb it and you will find the collectible you are looking for on its top. Planet Kalebo III

The first bolt of this planet is located at the end of the rail that you will have to travel with the Grindscarponi to continue with your mission: to reach it you will have to press all the four red buttons that you will find along the way to deactivate the force field. After rotating the dome-shaped building to continue with the main mission, place yourself where you can see the Golden Bolt and get off the platform. Eliminate the enemies and take the elevator to go up, then turn right and climb the pipe that runs along the wall of the structure, at the end of which you will find the bolt. The last bolt on the planet can be collected during the Hoverboard race, along the path of the shortcut that can be taken by jumping from the ramp near the tunnel and landing on the right side. Deplanetizer

The first bolt on Drek's station is in the room with the model planets: shoot the green button you will find on a wall of the room to lower a ladder, then go up and cross the room by jumping on the different platforms to reach the collectible. The last Bolt d'Oro is inside the room with the giant statues: go up on the big boxes lit in blue near the entrance, then continue jumping on the self-propelled platforms to reach the bolt number 28. We remind you that on our pages you can also find the guide to recover all the Ratchet & Clank Holo-Cards from the game and unlock the RYNO weapon.

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