Garden umbrellas | The best of 2021

Garden umbrellas | The best of 2021

The month of May is almost upon us, and with it the desire for summer is always stronger, and in fact after having created the guide on the best tables and gazebos, the time has come to offer you our selection of the best garden umbrellas of 2021 !

Read also: Gazebo | The best of 2021 A garden umbrella, you know, is the most immediate solution when you want to create a small shaded area and, with a minimum cost, you can satisfy any need, thanks to an easy and immediate operation, capable but to adapt to many circumstances. In fact, in this selection we have proposed items that can be placed in the center of a table to eat in the shade, up to more elaborate models with a divided cloth and with the ability to orient themselves in order to counteract the setting of the sun. In short, as always, we have thought about most of the scenarios that could happen to you this summer, where however we have not left out the latest discoveries in terms of technology and alternative energy, even including articles where there is a solar panel that allows you to use LED lights and charging devices.

Anyway, we don't want to hold you back, so we leave you to our selection of the best garden umbrellas of 2021.

The best garden umbrellas

Round umbrella Ribelli Rectangular umbrella MVPower inclined Round umbrella with crank Off-center wooden umbrella Off-center adjustable umbrella Half-moon umbrella Umbrella with LED and USB Double steel umbrella Rotating umbrella 2-level

Ribelli round umbrella

Let's start our selection of garden umbrellas with the one made by Ribelli, a minimal product that, in just € 40, can be a perfect solution for those on a budget. Thanks to its sunshade in resistant material that provides UV 50+ protection, available in 4 colors, this parasol is a perfect solution for both gardens and terraces. With a diameter of 240 cm and a maximum height of about 250 cm, this umbrella is composed of a painted steel stick and 6 ribs that make up the upper part, which in case of bad weather, can be closed comfortably to avoid damage from weatherproof.

Rectangular tilted MVPower umbrella

This umbrella with a classic design is perfect for protecting any terrace from sun or rain thanks to its durable polyester cover with waterproof coating. In addition to being adjustable in height, this parasol can be tilted to suit situations with the sun at an angle. The main peculiarity of this umbrella lies in its shape, in fact, once opened it is rectangular and has dimensions of 200 x 125 cm thanks to the opening of 4 ribs through a practical crank. For greater safety, there is a metal kicker on the resistant metal rod of the umbrella, which prevents involuntary angles of the structure.

Round colored umbrella with crank

With a diameter of 270 cm, the umbrella made by Sekey is undoubtedly the solution that will allow you to indulge the most refined color combinations, offering 10 unique options such as red , sapphire and even black with light wood grain to stand out more. Everything is then regulated by a simple crank system made of metal, so as to last longer over time, then connected to 6 arms that widen and allow you to fix the umbrella at the desired opening.

Decentralized wooden umbrella

Our proposal of decentralized solutions begins now, capable of creating a greater shaded area, free from the typical encumbrance of 'central rod. The first solution that we propose is the one that concerns this umbrella made of resistant wood worked with reinforcements at the joints, complete with a cross metal base that allows you to insert weights and obtain greater stability. Thanks to its particular design, this parasol model is able to cover a large area through its fabric, reaching a diameter of about 300 cm in the shaded area.

Decentralized adjustable umbrella

Sturdy and durable, this garden umbrella is certainly the most versatile option in our selection, in fact for just under 200 euros you will find a metal structure equipped with double orientation system. In fact, in addition to the pedal that allows you to tilt the cloth and offer coverage even during the hours when the sun is lower, with 5 directions to choose from. With a design capable of adapting to any kind of garden, this parasol is equipped with 8 powder-coated aluminum ribs, resistant to rust and corrosion even for a prolonged time. In addition, for greater air circulation, the upper part of the polyester sheet is equipped with an upper air intake that allows heat to escape but not water to penetrate.

Half-moon umbrella

Imagine a normal round garden umbrella, and now imagine it cut in half. Unusual compared to the other solutions in this guide, the half-moon umbrella is a perfect option for those who want to beautify their gardens, but have space problems. In just 300 x 150 cm this umbrella is in fact able to protect you from the rays of the sun and rain, while the particular design, elegant and unique, makes it a resistant and robust product.

Umbrella with LED and USB

The presence of over 24 LED lights on the beams and a USB socket make this garden umbrella the brightest solution of ours selection! All this is possible thanks to the presence of a solar panel included which, once positioned on the top of the umbrella, powers all the LEDs and allows devices to be recharged through a USB port on the central rod. Obviously, this particular umbrella is then equipped with the classic features of the models in its price range, such as waterproof sheet, tilting rod and the possibility of anchoring to the ground through its solid metal base.

Double umbrella in steel

Perfect for those who need to shelter a large space from the sun without having to resort to a gazebo, this umbrella is made of a steel frame and is supported by 12 battens to offer maximum stability, and is able to cover a total area of ​​4.6 x 2.7 meters! The opening of this practical umbrella takes place via a simple crank device positioned on the central pole, and which allows you to fix the slats to the various openings. Furthermore, on the upper part, the air intake is incorporated which favors better ventilation.

2-level rotating umbrella

Thanks to its particular 2-level design, the Outsunny decentralized rotating umbrella is without a doubt the most complete solution of our selection, in fact it offers a large space of shade and the upper part, detached from the lower fabric, allows a passage of the wind that ensures a change of air and greater stability to the entire structure. Then there is the crank opening system and the possibility to choose between 6 levels of possible inclinations, but the real unique feature of this umbrella is the ability to easily rotate the base by pivoting on its cross base, coming to make turns 360 °, by simply pressing the pedal, and practically follow the orientation of the sun. Its square shape then requires the commitment of just 8 slats, and being an aluminum structure, it remains light but stable and weatherproof.

How to choose the best garden umbrella

We have seen that there are so many types of garden umbrellas available on the market, and to choose the perfect one you have to keep in mind some important factors.

Value for money

There are many models of garden umbrellas, that sometimes it is not difficult to find products that are not of the highest quality. In fact, if you see an umbrella model of over 4 meters for less than € 50, it is almost obvious that it was made with poor materials and that, above all, it could even be dangerous. In this case, it is a good idea to pay the fair amount for a valuable and long-lasting product.


Since these are outdoor furniture elements, even for garden umbrellas it is It is essential to carefully choose that the materials have been treated properly to make them resistant to various weather conditions. Solutions such as resin, polyester or painted steel are versatile solutions to many circumstances and very suitable.


As we have seen, garden umbrellas may have placed the support pole a few times in the center, in other cases we have seen it with the arm off-center for a greater area of ​​shadow, while at other times the shape of the cloth took care of distinguishing the model. In short, many possibilities of choice. We advise you to pay close attention and therefore choose the most suitable one for your type of green area, and which can also satisfy all your needs.


Perhaps one of the most important to take into consideration, for a matter of safety and any damage to things or people, is undoubtedly the presence of a solid base. Typically, umbrellas can be equipped with a plastic, iron or concrete base, to give the structure greater stability, especially in circumstances where they remain exposed for a long period.

Opening system

Practicality must be a fundamental factor in choosing your garden umbrella, so the opening system must be the simplest and most practical on the market. Nowadays almost all the umbrellas have the practical crank system, but sometimes the smaller models still have the classic type of opening from the main shaft, a bit like what happens with the typical portable rain models.


Last, but not least, the factor that can influence the choice of your garden umbrella is undoubtedly its style. In fact, choosing a modern model, or in wood or metal, when the style of the garden is different, could prove to be a risky and risky choice. Also, as regards the color of the tarpaulin, always remember that white colors can immediately show even the first hint of dirt, but dark ones will tend to discolour over time, so it is important to choose carefully!

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