Our selection of First 4 Figurines

Our selection of First 4 Figurines

Figures from our favorite games hold a special place in our hearts and minds. They often evoke a memory, a video game moment spent with our favorite character, a moment that we cherish, that we keep preciously, like these figurines, faithful replicas of our favorite characters.

Today we offer you a special selection of goodies. We will indeed focus on the figurines of the brand First 4 Figurines. These are recognized for the quality of their materials and the finesse of detail provided by the craftsmen of the brand. We will thus make you discover several universes according to the figurines which are proposed.

Our selection of First 4 Figurines

Okami: Amaterasu in his Shiranui form

Okami is a title originally released in 2006 on Playstation 2. You took control of the white wolf Shiranui, himself animated by the Goddess of Sun and Light Amaterasu. You traveled the world plunged into darkness by the terrible eight-headed dragon: Yamata-no-Orochi.

The figurine we find here is made of polystone and measures 36x46x43cm and represents the Goddess Amaterasu in her Shiranui form. A superb piece faithfully representing the main character of the game Okami.

Discover the Amaterasu figurine in the Shiranui form at Zavvi's home

Crash Bandicoot: the Aku-Aku mask

Here is a replica of one of Crash's greatest allies in the Crash Bandicoot series, the Aku-Aku mask. In the series, he acts as a guide and above all as a protector. Break a crate with an Aku-Aku mask on it and the Aku-Aku mask will protect you from a bad hit (but not from falls). Manage to collect several and become invincible for a few moments!

This real size replica is made of resin and measures 65x43x28cm. A figurine that has everything you need to reign supreme in your home.

Discover the Aku-Aku mask figurine from Zavvi

the characters from Rare

Here we find two (and even three if we count correctly) Famous characters from Rare: the Banjo-Kazooie duo and the Conker squirrel from Conker's Bad Fur Day!

First of all, the duo Banjo and Kazooie who made the glory of the eponymous games on Nintendo 64. This 51cm high replica represents in detail the two characters who always go together. Originally from the Nintendo 64, we have recently been able to find them on Super Smash Bros Ultimate as playable fighters.

For this particular figure, you can benefit from a 10% discount with the code MERCH10, in place in the appropriate insert at the time of the validation of your basket.

Discover the Banjo-Kazooie figurine at Zavvi's

The most trashy squirrel of all Nintendo 64 is immortalized in a resin figurine measuring 42x46x36 cm. Conker is notably famous through the game Conker's Bad Fur Day. The latter made you incarnate the famous squirrel who tries to return home to find his beloved after having taken a nasty cooked. The adventures of the squirrel are both rich and particularly wacky.

This figurine represents him sitting on the throne, a glass in his hand, looking upset (no, I won't disclose!). The resin figurine is full of details and honors the character of Conker.

For this particular figure, you can benefit from a 10% discount with the code MERCH10, in place in the appropriate insert at the time of validation of your basket.

Check out Conker's Bad Fur Day Conker Figure at Zavvi's

Spyro the Dragon

The Spyro dragon first manifested on the first console of Sony, the Playstation in 1998. We will find the latter in 2006 in a new trilogy which will highlight it as well as in 2018 in the original remastered trilogy.

In the movement of this remaster, figures have been edited and we are going to focus on two of them.

This first resin figurine measures 46x41x38cm, it is in resin and accurately represents the dragon from Insomniac Games. And he is notably accompanied by Sparx, the dragonfly who is alongside Spyro in all his adventures.

Discover the Spyro & Spark figurine at Zavvi

The second figurine is more specifically a bust representing Spyro with a size of 38x19x19cm. This bust of the famous dragon is particularly detailed and it also manages to faithfully transcribe the air of defiance and determination characteristic of Spyro's gaze.

Discover the bust of Spyro The Dragon at Zavvi

The Nintendo license

Breath of the Wild is one of the last most significant episodes of The Legend of Zelda saga . Roam Hyrule freely, explore shrines, solve puzzles to gain life points, weapons, in short, Breath of the Wild is more than a game, it's a full-fledged video game experience. And this Link figurine, in full dynamic pose with his bow, alone represents all the atmosphere that can be found in this game.

Buy the Link figurine from Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the 6th episode of the license, in which Link must absolutely save the world because the Moon threatens to crash into earth in order to recover a relic in the hands of Skull Kid, the Mask by Majora. This statuette faithfully reproduces the mask at the heart of the game's plot. It is animated with LEDs which play colors on the details on the mask.

Discover the PVC Majora's mask at Zavvi

Also discover other First 4 Figurines figurines at Zavvi, and let yourself be tempted by goodies from other franchises like Metroid, Sonic or Kirby again!

Discover the First 4 Figurines figurines at Zavvi

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