Florida has passed a law against the banning of politicians from social networks

Florida has passed a law against the banning of politicians from social networks

If a social media company voluntarily expels a Florida politician from its platform, it will now face huge fines for every day of the ban. The law will apply to everyone except Disney (thanks to its Orlando park)

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida (photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images) Companies like Facebook and Twitter will now no longer be able to knowingly expel politicians from the Florida from their platforms. Governor Ron DeSantis, a well-known supporter of former President Donald Trump, has succeeded in his intent to pass the bill he had begun to draft following the deplatforming suffered by Trump at the beginning of the year.

Despite this political link with Trump and the presentation of the bill on the verge of his expulsion from social networks, Republicans in Florida continue to assert that this law has nothing to do with the decisions made by the platforms regarding the ex president; indeed, they say it would like to solve a larger problem.

The law prohibits social media platforms from silencing Florida political candidates and their profiles, and authorizes the Florida Electoral Commission to impose fines on those who deprive them of these communication channels. Fines range from $ 250,000 a day for candidates for state office and $ 25,000 a day for non-state positions.

The Chamber of Technological Progress has defined this new law "clearly unconstitutional". In fact, the legislative device could be the subject of a constitutional challenge under the First Amendment, which was designed to largely prevent government interference in corporate affairs. Also, as a state law, the measure could easily be overturned if the courts found it to conflict with Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which gives immunity to social networks for posts by users who do not comply with their guidelines.

This law also has a major exception, which exempts all companies that own a large theme park or entertainment venue from its application. A clause, critics say, inserted to protect Disney's online platforms, whose Orlando amusement park provides substantial tax revenues to the state.

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