Final Fantasy 8 Remastered on PS4: find Squall Leonhart for less

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered on PS4: find Squall Leonhart for less

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered on PS4

Square-Enix (Ex-Squaresoft) has a long history with J-RPGs having made this genre one of the main ones in what is most frequently found in video games. Building on its success after Final Fantasy VII, the 8th episode was released in 1999 and tackled a new theme. And, as is the tradition, even if the episodes follow each other, the story, the universe, as well as the theme change systematically between each Final Fantasy (we can however find similar elements such as certain first names, magic or even creatures).

Final Fantasy VIII centers around a group of young people coming out of the military academy in Balamb. The latter find themselves embroiled in a vast global conflict orchestrated by the Witch Ultimecia. And against a backdrop of conspiracy and confrontation, the storyline weaves the connection between the two main characters whose destinies are strongly linked to the future of the world (for an audio summary, I recommend Durendal's Banal Fantasy 2).

Faced with the success of this title, a remastered version was released in September 2019 which brings this adventure up to date while making additions to streamline the gameplay. Thus we will find a way to pass certain fights faster, the music and graphics have, of course, been reworked so that we can enjoy the title on recent consoles.

Where to buy Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

It's E.Leclerc who currently offers the game at the best price, well under 20 €. An amount that will be well worth the great adventure and story told by Final Fantasy 8.

Find Final Fantasy 8 Remastered for € 15.58 at Leclerc

Learn more about Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a new version of the eighth episode of the eponymous series. Final Fantasy VIII is a Japanese role-playing game. The player embodies the young Squall, a member of an elite military group, who finds himself embroiled in a conflict beyond imagination. He must then confront a powerful wizard. The characters in this episode can be customized with powerful spells collected from enemies. In addition, almost an hour of CG cinematics has been implemented.

Panthaa's opinion 15/20

Thanks to its three very practical options and its reworked models, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is an ideal version to discover or rediscover the nugget of SquareSoft released 20 years ago. We walk through it without frustration and without difficulty, on console as well as on PC (with more cheat options), with a standard that is certainly worthy, but which would have benefited from being higher. We think in particular of the sets, now quite bland and fuzzy, the 4/3 ratio (on consoles) or even the music, which we would have liked to hear in a remastered and re-orchestrated version, a feature present on unofficial PC mods, and on The Zodiac Age, the remaster of FFXII. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered trailer

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