The BTicino video door phone with Alexa

The BTicino video door phone with Alexa

Classe 300EOS with Netatmo can be managed with voice commands as well as from the app

(Photo: BTicino) The new BTicino Classe 300Eos with Netatmo video door phone is compatible with Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant to open everyone the controls also via voice or from the official application to download on your smartphone. Eos is the acronym of Evolution Of Smart which goes well with the predisposition for home automation of this new accessory that allows not only to answer and view who has just rang the bell (or someone standing in front of it), but also to open a gate or a door and connect to the other devices of the smart home.

BTicino Classe 300Eos with Netatmo can in fact range from its original scope of video door entry systems to the control of lights, electrical sockets and shutters as well as any surveillance cameras connected in wi -fi becoming a sort of control center for your smart home. The smart video door entry unit does not only think about functionality, but also about aesthetics, as demonstrated by the recently obtained iF Design Award 2021.

Inside the Classe 300Eos purchase package you will find all the components necessary to set up the system, including the Netatmo outdoor camera that frames the entrance to the house. The touchscreen display of the central unit to be mounted at home is in color and reaches a wide 5-inch diagonal with a sensor capable of recognizing the face of whoever is in front. BTicino has set up a series of advanced features such as automatic centering of the subject on the screen and the possibility of viewing the shot horizontally (landscape) with a double touch.

(Photo: BTicino) The interface is intuitive and simple, it uses scrolling and swiping like those of Android or iPhone smartphones for quick control and configuration is done through the dedicated app called Home + Security for iOs and Android. As anticipated, the touchscreen display of the smart video intercom can act as a hub for all the home automation equipment in the home, passing from voice control or the app. Just chat with the assistant to listen to music playlists, set alarms, listen to weather or traffic forecasts and choose the road to take.

The availability of the BTicino Classe 300Eos with Netatmo is scheduled for 21 May at a price between 500 and 600 euros depending on the promotions.

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