What the latest letter from Jeff Bezos from Amazon CEO says

What the latest letter from Jeff Bezos from Amazon CEO says

As executive chairman he announces that he will take care of worker safety, including with an algorithmic system for scheduling warehouse worker rotations

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon (Matthew Staver / Bloomberg / Getty Images) universe makes you the same as everything else. It's always like Day 1 ”: it is the final message with which Jeff Bezos greeted Amazon shareholders, employees and stakeholders in his latest letter as CEO of the giant with a turnover of 386.1 billion dollars. In July, he will become executive chairman, giving way to Andy Jassy, ​​now head of Amazon web services, a cloud services unit in operating income of 13.5 billion. “I'm an inventor,” Bezos recalled and in this role he will work on employee safety, with a dedicated team. "We have always wanted to be the most customer-centric company in the world, but I will add: we will become the best employer and the safest workplace on earth," he said.

The letter comes shortly after the case of Bessemer in Alabama, where the internal vote rejected the union's attempt to enter the plant. “It is clear that we need a better vision of how we create value for workers, a vision for their success,” admitted Bezos. that he announced an algorithmic system for scheduling worker rotations in warehouses. “40% of work-related injuries are related to tears or strains, caused by repetitive movements, especially in the first six months of work,” he noted. 300 million dollars ready to invest in safety, including a 66 million project for a technology that will avoid collisions between forklifts and other industrial vehicles.

In 1997, when Bezos wrote his first letter to stakeholders, the company debuted on the stock market at $ 1.5 per share (on Thursday the stock closed at $ 3,379 + 1.38% on Nasdaq). Since then "we have created $ 1.6 trillion of shareholder wealth", as Bezos pointed out: "The value created is the best metric of thought for innovation". Cracking the numbers for 2020: $ 21.3 billion in net profit for shareholders, $ 25-39 billion in third-party profits selling on Amazon, $ 164 billion in costs and time saved by ecommerce and AWS customers, 91 billions of salaries, for a conservative total of "301 billion dollars".

Among other data: 500,000 workers hired last year, 1.3 million employees worldwide, over 200 million Prime users , 1.9 million smes in the store for nearly 60% of sales, more than 100 million smart home devices connected with Alexa, a recurring annualized rate of $ 50 billion for AWS. Bezos then recalled Amazon's commitment to achieve 100% energy consumption from renewable sources by 2025 and the purchase of 100,000 electric vans from Rivian, for a billion dollar investment. Energy that is also needed to “maintain one's uniqueness. The world wants you to be normal, in a thousand ways. Don't let that happen ”.

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