E3 2021 FAQ: the most frequently asked questions

E3 2021 FAQ: the most frequently asked questions

E3 2021 FAQ

We are almost there: there are now just a few days left for the start of E3 2021, the traditionally most important videogame event of the year. This is why we wanted to give you a FAQ-style special, with the most frequently asked questions about the event, to answer all your curiosities.

As you certainly know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be back in an exclusively digital version afterwards. the sensational cancellation of the last edition, linked to the impossibility of setting up face-to-face meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to timelines that are too tight to change the plans in progress.

E3 2021: when to will take place?

E3, a photo from the 2018 edition. The dates of E3 2021 have been announced for some time: the event will take place from 12 to 15 June 2021, covering more or less the same interval of time of the past years, although in this case it is at the turn of the weekend.

As mentioned, the 2021 edition will be completely digital: therefore the various conferences, panels and all other events will be streamed , under d i a calendar not yet final. We will update this information as it becomes official, of course.

Ubisoft Forward is currently set for June 12th at 9pm Italian time, and we know that Microsoft and Bethesda will hold a showcase together, but there is no it's still a date. The same goes for Nintendo Direct and the Square Enix conference.

Other events will take place in the same period: the Summer Game Fest, the Wholesome Direct 2021 dedicated to indie games, the PC Gaming Show, the conference of Devolver Digital, the Future Games Show and the annual presentation of Limited Run Games.

E3, a photo from the 2019 edition.

E3 2021, all June events

5 June at 5.00 pm - Guerrilla Collective, first day 10 June at 8.00 pm - Summer Game Fest Kick-Off Live 12 June at 5.00 pm - Guerrilla Collective, second day 12 June at 7.00 pm - Wholesome Direct 12 June at 9.00 pm - Ubisoft Forward June 12 - Devolver Digital June 13 at 8pm - PC Gaming Show June 13 - Future Games Show June 14 at 10pm - Limited Run Games June 16-22 - Steam Next Fest

E3 2021: how will it work?

E3, a photo from the 2017 edition. E3 2021 will be completely digital and free. Users will be able to register on the official portal and download an app for iOS and Android devices in order to stay informed about all the events of the event and interact in the context of some nice activities designed to involve fans.

Going to resume the format of the editions in presence, the media and the press will be able to access the contents of the E3 2021 app in advance, starting from 7 June, while the public will have to wait for the official opening of the event, the June 12.

As for registrations, they will be open from May 24 for the media, from May 31 for professionals, creators and influencers, and finally from June 3 for normal users.

You can obviously follow all the live events on sportsgaming.win: this year our editorial team will follow E3 and will provide you with all the news, rumors, trailers, insights, interviews, previews and the pr ovati related to the games that will be presented on the virtual stage in Los Angeles.

E3 2021: who will participate?

E3, a photo from the 2016 edition. As we wrote in our previous dedicated special at E3 2021, the list of attendees at the event includes names like Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Take-Two, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Warner Bros., SEGA and more.

Some of these companies will hold presentations showing their latest games to the public, and of course there will be important announcements and surprises. For a list of the titles that we could see during the event, however, we refer you to the special special that will arrive shortly.

In case you are wondering, Sony will not be in the game this year either: the house Japanese has long since decided to leave the stage in Los Angeles, preferring to organize their own events.

Everything is to understand when we will see the next State of Play: maybe in June, and maybe it will finally allow us to take a new look at Horizon Forbidden West (update: it will be May 27th!) and God of War 2. On the other hand, Konami is justified absent, which apparently is dedicating itself to some key projects.

E3, a photo from the 2013 edition.

E3 2021, the list of publishers

Nintendo Xbox Ubisoft Square Enix Verizon Take-Two Capcom Warner Bros. SEGA Bandai Namco Gearbox Entertainment Marvelous - XSEED Games Mythical Freedom Games NetEase Games Turtle Beach Otter Gaming Devious Eye Entertainment Binge

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