Anti-Covid vaccinations, details for bookings for over 50s

Anti-Covid vaccinations, details for bookings for over 50s

Anti-Covid vaccinations

Reservations for anti-Covid vaccinations for those over 50 are underway and some regions such as Lombardy and Veneto plan to open soon also to younger age groups

(photo: Facebook Regione Lombardia) In accordance with what was announced by the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, from 10 May almost all Regions allow people over 50 to book the anti-Covid vaccine. The administrations, however, will continue to follow the priorities of the vaccination plan (first the fragile categories and the elderly). Some regions are a little behind and plan to open the service in the next few days or weeks (as in the case of Sardinia), others (such as Lombardy and Veneto) instead seem to have a pace and availability of vaccines such as to risk the forecast of a future opening also for the under 50s.


Although not specified on the website of the Region, Abruzzo should follow the general provisions by opening the booking to the over 50s.

Reservations for anti-Covid vaccination in Abruzzo can be made through the Italian Post Office platform, the Atm Postamat counters active in the region, the network of postmen on duty in Abruzzo and the toll-free number 800.00.99.66 (active every day from 8:00 to 20:00). There is also a booking service via text message: you must send your tax code to 339 990 39 47 to be contacted within 72 hours and complete the procedure. For people with disabilities and frailty and for the category of caregivers, however, the booking is still made through a dedicated service on the regional platform.


It should follow the instructions of Commissioner Figliuolo for the over 50s. Lucanian citizens over 60 and caregivers can book on the Italian Post Office platform by entering only their tax code and health card number on the Poste Italiane website and toll-free number 800.00.99.66, active from Monday to Sunday from 8 to 20. For caregivers, it will be possible to book, choosing a place and time, accessing the platform with the data of fragile subjects. Their vaccination, therefore, will not be contextual to fragile subjects, but will take place after a few days.


We proceed with the booking and vaccination of the categories provided for by the national vaccination plan, over 50. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano has made available the information for booking the anti-Covid vaccine for the categories concerned in this phase of the vaccination plan at this web address. From 1 April it is possible to book the vaccine for people over 60 (more information on the categories here). Caregivers / family members of vulnerable people are also vaccinated with priority.


It follows the ordinance of General Figliuolo, giving the possibility to book anti-Covid vaccination to all people born until 1971 (over 50).

Calabria has adopted the Italian Post Office booking platform, or you can call the toll-free number 800 00 99 66 or send a text message to 339 9903947 to be contacted. For info you can contact the dedicated Civil Protection switchboard: 0961 789775.


Campania had already moved before the ordinance valid for the national territory and from 27 April gave the possibility to book an appointment for anti-Covid vaccination for all over 50s through its web platform. The form asks for the insertion of the tax code and health card number, then to provide email and telephone numbers.

Emilia Romagna

From 10 May reservations will also be open for 55- 59 years old. On the website of the Emilia Romagna Region you will find all the information relating to reservations for the priority categories in the anti-Covid vaccination plan. It is possible to fix the appointment using the usual channels available, from Cups to pharmacies that carry out the Cup service, passing through all the online tools (Electronic Health Record, Er Salute App, CupWeb) or by calling the numbers provided in the Usl Company to which you belong. telephone booking. Other possible booking methods are communicated by the Local Health Authorities, also through their websites.

From Thursday 13 May the possibility of booking will be extended to 50-54 year-olds, who, however, will have to go through their family doctor. The administrations will start from May 31.

On the other hand, people aged 51 to 59 with comorbidities (but not extremely vulnerable) will be contacted directly by the health authorities.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

As stated on the website of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, “From Monday 10 May the agendas for the reservations of anti Covid-19 vaccinations for citizens between the ages of 50 and 59 will open”. Vaccinations for adults with chronic diseases continue, while those for workers of essential services (teachers and non-teaching school staff, law enforcement, etc.) previously suspended.

Reservations can be made through the regional Call center (0434 223522), the Cup counters, the enabled pharmacies and the web app (details here).


From 8 May the regional booking platform is also open for the age group 54-55 (and for those over 55, of course). Furthermore, from April 30, people aged 40 to 49 can book with an exemption code for diseases.

All information on anti-Covid vaccines, who can book and how can be consulted on the region's website. Reservations can be made online, or by calling assistance at 06 164161841. Here instead the Faq of the region on anti-Covid vaccines.


The Liguria Region has activated a site to manage the reservations of anti-Covid vaccines. At the moment it is possible to book if you are over 60 or if you fall into priority categories.

The calendar of upcoming bookings by age group has been changed, and in particular people between 55 and 59 years can book from 11 pm on May 10th only online, while from May 11th also through the toll-free number 800 938 818 and pharmacies with Cup service. People aged 50 to 54, on the other hand, will be able to access the service from Tuesday 18 May.

Forecasts also for the under 50: people 45-49 years from Tuesday 8 June; people 40-44 from Tuesday 15 June.


As indicated on the site dedicated to the emergency, in the Lombardy Region now all citizens who are at least 50 years of age can access the booking service. In addition to the online platform, reservations can be made through the call center at the toll-free number 800 894 545, postamat and postman. The Region is back in line with the national vaccination plan, so much so that it hopes to open reservations for under 50s from the second half of May.


As you can read on the portal of the Healthcare Company the only regional one in the Marche region, on Monday 10 May vaccination will open to citizens aged 50-59 who have comorbidities, ie pathologies without a high degree of risk. If followed by regional health structures they will be contacted directly, otherwise they must follow the instructions contained in this web page.

"Following the announcement of General Figliuolo on the green light for vaccines for citizens who fall within the age group 50-59, we will start as per ministerial indications from those who have those pathologies identified ”, explained the councilor for health Filippo Saltamartini. "At the same time, the slots useful for booking the entire age group 50-59 years are being prepared, which will start within the week of May 10-16, compatibly with the supply of vaccine doses".

The booking goes through the Poste platform and the toll-free number 800 009966.


For the moment it seems that people over 60 can book in Molise. The procedures for joining the anti-Covid vaccination in Molise are illustrated on this web page.


From May 4th, pre-accessions are open for the 55-59 age group, while for the 50-54 year-olds the plan has been updated and the pre-accessions will open from 11 May on the specific regional platform.


Puglia is aligned with the directives of Commissioner Figliuolo, therefore, from Monday 10 May the booking system also accepts memberships between 50 and 59 years old. Vaccinations will be administered gradually based on age. Other booking methods are the toll-free number 800 71 39 31 active from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00 and the pharmacies accredited to the FarmaCup service.


Sardinia, instead, it must postpone reservations for anti-Covid vaccination in the 50-59 range. "We must first finish with all fragile patients," explained the special commissioner of ATS Massimo Temussi to the Unione Sarda. “With diabetics, recently added, around 120,000 people in all, about half have received the first dose to date. It will still take at least two weeks to close ".


Sicily is in step and from 10 May the Poste Italiane platform welcomes bookings for 50-59 year olds, as well as for all people over 16 with disease exemption.


Tuscany is a little behind compared to other regions: reservations are open for those aged 63 and over. The booking of the anti-Covid vaccine takes place in the manner described here. The hypothesis of opening for 50 year olds is starting from May 13th through a new booking system.


In the Autonomous Province of Trento, reservations for over 50s have started with some day in advance, May 5th. Here to book. For information on anti-Covid vaccination in the Autonomous Province of Trento, you can consult the Faq on the dedicated website.


Umbria is reorganizing the vaccination calendar to align with the provisions of Figliuolo and open reservations for over 50s. It will probably be able to activate them by mid-May, starting the administration in early June.

Information for anti-Covid vaccination can be found on the portal of the Umbria Region. There are two booking methods: the Cup Umbria web portal or at all pharmacies. The number for assistance and information is 800 192 835.

Valle D'Aosta

From March 1st, Valle d'Aosta has started the mass vaccination campaign, while respecting the established priorities from the national plan. It will in fact be the Usl that will contact the population to collect accessions. All information can be found on the website and on the Usl website in the Infovaccini section. The appointment must then be confirmed in the manner indicated.


Veneto has already begun to join the vaccination campaign for the 50-59 age group, and it seems that the portal of the region was immediately stormed, running out of current availability in a short time and putting thousands of names on hold for the next few days. "With these rhythms we plan to administer the first dose by the end of the month also to the 40-49 year old cohort," said Governor Luca Zaia.

More information on how to convene and the list of vaccination sites are available at this link.

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