Alfa Romeo | The best books to read

Alfa Romeo | The best books to read

Among the most varied topics dedicated to the automotive sector, books dedicated to the great brands that have made the history of Italian cars of great importance cannot be missing. In fact, the market offers different varieties of volumes, from those of motor engineering, repair and maintenance manuals, volumes on off-road vehicles, sports cars and drivers, to extensive documentation on iconic models of brands or stories of designers. Among these, manuals entirely dedicated to the past of Alfa Romeo and the history of its iconic cars cannot be missing.

For the creation of this guide, we have selected some volumes that will inevitably be collected and that fans of the brand will be able to buy and become readers of texts and, at the same time, visitors of large reproductions of period images. Real biographies on a car manufacturer founded in the distant 24th June 1910 in Milan which from the very beginning has distinguished itself for the creation of cars with a distinctly sporting character. It has always been known for the creation of cars and concept cars that have marked the history of the design of the Italian automotive industry. Stories contained in volumes composed of simple pages that tell both known and sometimes unknown stories.

The best books dedicated to Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo. From 1910 to today. New Alfa Romeo edition. Matters of style. 110 years of design of the Alfa Romeo 75 house and derivatives Milan, SZ, RZ: Updated Edition Alfa Romeo Duetto and Spider Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo catalog. Cars for passion for 110 years. Ediz. Autodelta color. Alfa Romeo and racing 1963-1983

Alfa Romeo. From 1910 to today. New edition

Alfa Romeo. From 1910 to today, it is a book that traces the hundred and ten years that have passed since that distant June 24, 1910 when, on the outskirts of Milan, Alfa Romeo was born, a brand that was immediately able to stand out in the automotive scene of the time. An inevitably important name that over the years has become not only synonymous with cars but also a name that has had great importance and presence on the industrial and sporting level. A very long period of time in which the Italian car manufacturer has created vehicles that have made history, such as the 1900, the Giulietta, the Giulia or the Alfetta but, at the same time, has been able to write unforgettable pages of sport by becoming part of well-known sports competitions , from the Mille Miglia to Le Mans, from the Tourist Trophy to the Marche World Championship. The first volume we have chosen for you, which appeared for the first time in 2010 under the title "Alfa Romeo 1910-2010", when Alfa Romeo celebrated its first hundred years of life, was signed by Maurizio Tabucchi. The volume was later updated to include all the latest models produced from 2017 to today, such as the Stelvio or the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde.

Alfa Romeo. Matters of style. 110 years of design of the Casa del Biscione

Among the best books dedicated to Alfa we could not fail to include this volume from the Passione Quattroruote series. The title, Questioni di stile, stems from the desire to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Casa del Biscione with a publication dedicated to the theme of design that extends over 160 pages through the protagonists of yesterday and today. Reliving the past of Alfa Romeo through the evolution of iconic styles can lead to the construction of a real journey through time. Leading the way are the protagonists of the style or the heirs of the tradition of the great Italian body shops: the master Giorgetto Giugiaro and the architect Walter de Silva. Present also the exclusive testimonies of Andrea Zagato, Ercole Spada, Gioacchino Acampora, Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni, Paolo Pininfarina, Mike Robinson, Benedetto Camerana that populate the second part of the volume.

Alfa Romeo 75 and derivatives Milan, SZ, RZ: Updated Edition

Do you own an Alfa Romeo or are you simply an enthusiast? This guide contains all the information you need to get to know the models of the Alfa Romeo 75 / Milano family and allow you to discover in its entirety all the curiosities that you are probably not aware of. 590 pages and 5 sections, divided into 24 chapters containing 128 technical data sheets and 580 images, which will allow you to discover hidden details on the Alfa Romeo sedan and explain the amount of conflicting information on the Alfa Romeo 75, Alfa Romeo Milano and Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ thanks to the integration of official documents. There is no lack of in-depth information and unpublished curiosities about the history of Alfa Romeo in the text that will lead you towards the knowledge and understanding of the particular historical moment the car manufacturer went through in those years. 5 unpublished sections dedicated to cars and history, in which the genesis and life of the Alfa Romeo 75, Alfa Romeo Milano, Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ are collected; Identification, which describes each version, each special series and each year of production; Use and maintenance where the models are analyzed in all their parts, mechanics, bodywork and outfitting; Restoration and fundamental evaluation to collect the information useful for the restoration of the various installations, organized in an exclusive and systematic way and, finally, Technical Sheets which finally summarize the data treated in the book in its entirety.

Alfa Romeo Duetto and Spider

There are very few cars that in the history of the automobile have proved to be equally long-lived with the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider, better known as the “Duetto”, which appeared at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. Signed by the inevitable Pininfarina, it immediately managed to become an icon both for the charm of its lines and for its mechanical reliability. In the mid-1970s, it was the Spider's turn to bring Alfa Romeo two-seater enthusiasts to the 1990s. Cars that have made the history of the brand could not fail to be given a volume that encompasses its entire beauty. A unique and certainly worth collecting book.

Alfa Romeo historical museum. The catalog

For the creation of this guide we certainly could not exclude the volume Museo Storico Alfa Romeo. The catalog. Would you like to retrace the history of the brand? The official catalog of the new museum structure of the historic museum of the Arese House is certainly an opportunity to retrace both the history of the brand but also to lead the reader through the exhibition paths along which the cars are organized and divided into themes. From P2 to 33 in all their forms, up to the single-seaters that competed in F1 are collected in the Speed ​​section, introduced by the Alfa Romeo driver, Nino Vaccarella, while in the Timeline section the American journalist Nick Czap introduces the 1750, 8C 2900, 6C 2500 , 1900, Giulietta, Alfetta and those of the most recent production with the most important stages in the industrial history of Biscione. The section called Beauty sees as undisputed protagonists cars such as the 33 Stradale, the Carabo or the Nuvola, fundamental milestones in the stylistic evolution of the automobile; while a specific chapter contains all the other models. So if you want to retrace the stylistic evolution of the automobile, the catalog will be essential to enter a real temple of history, technology and culture.

Autodelta. Alfa Romeo and racing 1963-1983

For twenty years Autodelta was the more or less official racing department of Alfa Romeo. Altodelta. Alfa Romeo and racing 1963-1983 is a book published for the first time in 2012 and today revised in graphics and enriched with completely unpublished images from the Franco Villani archive. The volume traces the history of Autodelta, a story made up of great victories, of two world titles won in the Marche World Cup, in 1971 and 1977, but also of defeats and lost opportunities. There is no shortage of references to the great drivers who competed at the wheel of unforgettable cars such as the Giulia TZ, the Giulia GTA, the 33 in various versions or the Alfetta GT for rally and Formula 1 single-seaters.

In our country, the passion for the world of engines is always strong: you just have to discover what we have selected as the best books dedicated to Alfa Romeo. A combination of engineering, design and emotions linked to cars that brings to life the inevitably most relevant symbolic traits of their history. Not surprisingly, countless models have been designed and manufactured in Italy that have written important pages in the automotive sector. Choosing the best one to read is not at all easy, both for passionate readers and for those who want to approach for the first time a book entirely dedicated to a car manufacturer. For the realization of this small ranking, as well as relying on the proposals of the Amazon giant, we have selected what in our opinion are the best volumes dedicated to Alfa Romeo cars, with its history, characters and models that have left their mark. br>

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