16 days 16 bit: Day 8 - World of Illusion

16 days 16 bit: Day 8 - World of Illusion

16 days 16 bit

I'm Chris, editor at PC Games and I'm using the current pickle time to catch up on games from the 16-bit era or to experience new ones for 16 days. Welcome to 16 days 16 bit.

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Day 8: World of Illusion

As a child I especially liked jump & runs. No matter if the jumping games were good or bad, as long as the main character looked cute, I was on board. Yes, I was even simpler back then than I am today and that's what I say as an ardent wrestling fan. Well, there is one Jump & Run that sticks in my mind because of its style: World of Illusion - Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck. Although I loved the title back then, I haven't played it in ages. Now the Disney game has to prove itself again.

16 days 16 bit: Day 8 - World of Illusion (1) Source: PC Games And - to anticipate the conclusion - he succeeds with flying colors! World of Illusion looks many times better than its predecessor Castle of Illusion and can still convince today with its pretty graphics. It doesn't have the same effect as it did when I sat in front of the tube TV in amazement and whispered "This looks like a real cartoon", but the game is still really nice. In addition, there is the wonderful music, which then as now has many catchy tunes. Ah!

But the gameplay is still fun, because the levels are varied and fairytale-like. Sometimes you jump through an enchanted forest, sometimes you rush through the sky on a magic carpet, sometimes you move in a bubble over the sea floor.

By the way, you don't kill the nicely designed opponents, which are thematically adapted to the level Gun violence, no, they are enchanted! Donald and Micky have actually planned a big magic show, but are then drawn through a portal into the world of a master magician who apparently feels threatened by the squeaking mouse and the constantly angry drake. So the guy probably has a more fragile ego than any candidate in Germany's Next Top Model.

16 days 16 bit: Day 8 - World of Illusion (7) Source: PC Games Well, that's how World of Illusion is close to an index like FC Schalke on winning a championship again. If you enchant your opponents, they turn into flowers, butterflies or other things that are about as dangerous as a trip to the library. Only boss opponents do not. They turn into treasure chests. World of Illusion is simply very personable.

The nice thing about the game is that you can play it together with a friend in co-op. One then takes over Mickey Mouse and one Donald Duck. Since I play alone due to the Corona, I have to choose a game figure and therefore start two rounds if I want to gamble with both figures.

16 days 16 bit: Day 8 - World of Illusion (4th ) Source: PC Games At first I was annoyed by it, but I had completely forgotten that the levels differ a little depending on the chosen character. For example, while Micky is fleeing from a falling cave ceiling, as Donald you have to master a little white water trip. This also makes the second round a lot of fun.

There are only two things that annoy me about World of Illusion: 1. There are a few places that you have to know in order not to go on it, and 2. It's pretty short. The title is so adorable and pretty that I would have loved to spend more time in the game world.

I had so much fun with the jump and run that I don't even know why I've been using World of Illusion for so long haven't played anymore. I'm probably just an idiot, but at least World of Illusion is still really good.

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