April 1st on PC Games: We refrain from "funny" jokes

April 1st on PC Games: We refrain from funny jokes

April 1st on PC Games

April 1st is here, and in 2021 it will also mean: Thousands of false reports are chasing the Internet, because April Fools juggles are traditionally used on this day are almost legendary for their extremely elaborate April fools, up to small companies, and the trend does not stop at news sites.

We want to consciously avoid our own April fools on pcgames.de, as well as on our website videogameszone.de , gamezone.de and gamesaktuell.de.

As funny as these gags may be, sometimes they later lead to real developments, they are also problematic. As a gaming website with a strong focus on news coverage, credibility is an important factor, and while an April Fool's joke may be harmless, it is ultimately one: a hoax.

Often times, something goes unnoticed was just a funny little cheat, and it cannot be expected that every superficial observer notices or afterwards realizes that he has just fallen for an April Fool's joke.

The result: false hopes, for example of eagerly awaited announcements , Misinformation that will be passed on in the days after April 1st, generally all sorts of nonsense, which threatens to establish itself as a supposed fact in large parts of the players.

We don't want to agree with that because we love you Readers who do not want to misinformation, even with harmless intentions. Mistakes happen to us one way or another and can never be avoided entirely, you don't have to consciously contribute to them. And apart from that: It remains to be seen whether this is the right time for funny jokes.

In the same way, we will try not to accidentally pass on false reports and sell them as real news - that too is a constant problem on April 1st, and instead, today or tomorrow, the best April Fools 2021 are collected in one article and clearly labeled as such, as we have already done in previous years.

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Save big on Surface, PC games, and more in Microsoft's Spring Sale

Spring has sprung at Microsoft. The company recently launched its seasonal saleRemove non-product link with price cuts on everything from Surface hardware to gaming laptops to Xbox games and accessories.

The sale lasts until April 15, and we've sifted through the discounts to identify some of our favorite deals.

First up is the base model of the Surface Pro 7 and Type Cover for $600Remove non-product link. At Best Buy, this very model costs well over $900. Several versions of the Surface Pro 7 are actually on sale with the Type Cover but we particularly like this model for its affordability. The base model features an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of onboard storage—a modest configuration, but one that can handle everyday computing tasks like Office docs and web browsing with ease.

In our review just over a year ago, we gave a more powerful version of the Surface Pro 7 four out of five stars and an Editors’ Choice Award.

Next up is the Asus TUF F15 gaming laptop for $700Remove non-product link. This laptop rocks a four core, eight thread Core i5-10300H processor with a boost clock up to 4.5GHz. It also has 8GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage. Visuals are handled by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, which (while older) will be a solid performer on this laptop’s 15.6-inch 1080p display. You may have to tinker with the graphics settings some for best performance in intensive games, but you don't see gaming laptops going for just $700 very often!

Finally, we have the Kingston HyperX CloudX Stinger Core gaming headset for $30Remove non-product link. That’s $10 off the usual price, and a great price for a gaming headset. The CloudX is an Xbox-themed version of the Cloud Stinger Core. We reviewed the non-Core version of the Cloud Stinger saying that it had “solid sound, serious comfort, and an attractive design.”

There’s also the more premium HyperX Cloud II for $80Remove non-product link, down from $100. While most of the dozens of deals available in Microsoft's Spring Sale are good through April 15, note that the deal on the CloudX Core lasts only until March 31 or while supplies last, so don't dilly-dally if you're interested.

[Today’s deal: Microsoft Spring Sale.Remove non-product link]

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