What women should know about Covid-19 vaccination

What women should know about Covid-19 vaccination

Beyond the rare risk of thrombosis, Covid vaccines could lead to alterations in mammograms and in the planning of fertility treatments

(photo: Getty Images) under the age of 60 have a higher (but still very low) risk of experiencing rare thrombosis following vaccination against Covid-19 with viral vector products (such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson), here's everything women should know on vaccination against Covid-19.


The vaccination against Covid, as well as that against the flu or others, can cause an enlargement of the axillary lymph nodes, particularly in the arm in which the vaccine was administered. If a woman undergoes a mammogram shortly after being vaccinated, therefore, it is possible that the images are ambiguous: the enlarged lymph nodes, in fact, are also an indication of the presence of a tumor.

This possibility, however, , is known and should not be alarming: scientific societies advise, if possible, to schedule routine mammograms before vaccination or after at least 4-6 weeks, when the swelling associated with vaccination should have subsided. If, on the other hand, it is not possible or convenient to postpone the mammography, it is important to inform the specialist about the date of vaccination. If the lymph nodes are swollen and there are no other signs of neoplastic lesions, the indication is to wait a few weeks before proceeding with the investigations.

Another alternative suggested by the US Society of Breast Imaging is that vaccination in the thigh instead of the arm.

Treatments for fertility

Also in this case it is better to coordinate with the specialists you are followed. A woman who plans to undergo some procedure to increase the chances of conceiving or for in vitro fertilization should avoid getting vaccinated shortly before. Vaccination, in fact, could lead to the appearance of symptoms such as fever or inflammation, which could be confused with a post-procedure infection or mask it.


The anti-Covid vaccination has not shown to give no problems on fertility or during pregnancy. Expectant mothers, on the other hand, are at greater risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19 if they contract the infection.

Menstrual cycle

At the moment it is not clear whether vaccination can affect short term on menstruation. Some women in the United States have reported having had alterations in the menstrual cycle, but there are still no published scientific studies about it (there is, however, an online survey that is collecting data for analysis). Experts point out that menstruation can actually be influenced by many factors and that it is difficult to hypothesize a biological mechanism associated with vaccination.

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