The LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is ready to get muddy!

The LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is ready to get muddy!
Another of the new LEGO Technic sets released for 2021 was presented yesterday by the Jeep brand of FCA and the LEGO Group: the LEGO Technic set # 42122 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

We had already anticipated it in this our article, and now the official confirmation has arrived: the first replica in LEGO Technic elements of a real model of the Jeep brand is on the way. Iconic, unmistakable design (made famous by the particular grille grille) and legendary off-road capabilities: it's the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon!

Update 5 December 2020: we have added new and better photos of the brand new set Jeep and we have updated the photos and descriptions of the other sets to be released in January 2021, which you can now find on the LEGO Shop @ Home (available for purchase from January 1, 2021).

The LEGO Technic replica of this powerful SUV recreates high-performance 4 × 4 systems, sturdy tires, folding rear seats and the classic 7-slot front grille.

Once you've built the 665-piece model, you can have fun with the steering working and operated by a HOG (Hand Of God) control placed between the two seat wires, independent suspension as in the real vehicle, opening doors and bonnet and working front winch. The typical yellow and black livery was chosen for the set.

LEGO Technic # 42122 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon set will be available for purchase from January 1, 2021 on LEGO Shop @ Home, in LEGO ( Certified) Store and at the best toy stores, at the recommended price of Euro 49.99, but will be made available in pre-launch starting from 26 December 2020 in the LEGO (Certified) Stores, on and at the best selected stores.

The new set joins the other two recently introduced licensed LEGO Technic sets: the LEGO Technic # 42123 McLaren Senna GTR set and the LEGO Technic # 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF CORSE # 51” set.

Meanwhile, some of the other LEGO Technic sets coming out in January have also made their appearance on the Lucky Bricks retailer website.

These are the other two licensed sets, this time branded “Monster Jam” (Grave Digger and Max-D), the remote-controlled off-road Buggy and the two smaller sets, the Skid Steer Loader (Bulldozer) and the small racing plane.

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Let's review them together, this time with photos.

LEGO Technic # 42116 Bulldozer | € 9.99

Consisting of just 140 pieces, the Mini Shovel is the smallest set in the new wave of LEGO Technic. The shovel has 2 functions for digging: boom "up / down" and shovel / bucket "up / down". The operator's cabin includes the control panel and the roll-bar to protect the operator. It also includes front 'lights' on the roof and rear 'lights' above the engine at the rear. The set allows the construction of a Model B: a hot-rod with working steering.

»Click here to buy the set on LEGO Shop @ Home (from January 1, 2021)

LEGO Technic # 42117 Competition Plane | € 9.99

The set will consist of 154 parts and the price will be 9.99 euros. The set will have a turquoise, white and orange livery. An orange "Loop" lettering will be found on both wings of the plane. Looking at the photo, you can see how the nose gear is connected to the propeller rotor: pushing the aircraft on a flat surface, the movement of the wheels will make the propeller spin. The engine compartment can be opened. The set allows the construction of a Model B: a futuristic aircraft powered by a propeller engine positioned on the rear of the aircraft itself.

»Click here to buy the set on LEGO Shop @ Home (from 1 January 2021 )

LEGO Technic # 42118 Monster Jam Grave Digger | € 19.99

The LEGO Technic set with pull-back motor (breech-loading) reproduces the most famous of the Monster Jam Trucks, the superstar “Grave Digger”. The vehicle is made with its classic black and acid green livery, with the different logos that compose it implemented with stickers. There is even the mythical pirate flag on the back of the vehicle. Strange option for a licensed LEGO Technic set, the set allows the construction of a Model B: an off-road Buggy in black livery.

»Click here to buy the set on LEGO Shop @ Home (from 1st January 2021)

LEGO Technic # 42119 Monster Jam Max-D | € 19.99

The "Max-D" Monster Truck, also known as Maximum Destruction, will also be available, also equipped with a pull-back engine (breech-loading). The color of the Monster Truck matches the original exactly, including the iconic nails and the rough metal surface with flaming graphics. Here too the different logos will be reproduced with and by stickers. On the back there is the flag with the team logo. The option to build a Model B is also available for this “Monster Jam” set: a very “bad” Quad Bike.

»Click here to buy the set on LEGO Shop @ Home (from 1st January 2021)

LEGO Technic # 42124 Off-road buggy

A LEGO Technic set with a vintage flavor and very reminiscent of the iconic radio-controlled cars of the 80s ... but also the fantastic “outdoor” LEGO Technic sets that LEGO produced in the early 2000s. The model is equipped with independent front and rear suspension and large tires to tackle any type of terrain. The hood can be opened and there is even the classic antenna (obviously fictitious) to receive the radio signal and retro stickers. By downloading the free CONTROL + app, you can use it to drive forward and backward, steer and perform stunts. With different controls, sound effects, challenges, achievements, etc. Let's hope it's as fast as the ones LEGO produced in the early 2000s. We tried one, and it was a blast!

»Click here to buy the set on LEGO Shop @ Home (January 1, 2021)

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