The best board games over 50 euros

The best board games over 50 euros
Although the offer of the world of table games is wide, contemplating many types of games at various price ranges, the charm of the big games is undeniable, of those boxes full of miniatures, boards, boards, and components to put on the table to fill up. the eyes.

Games that, of course, are not just the proverbial smoke, on the contrary. The games we offer you today are full-bodied experiences, sometimes lasting several hours, the classic games to play in a beautiful evening of boredom, semi-lockdown or holidays that are and that will keep you busy for a while.

The best board games over € 50

Mansions of Madness Tainted Grail Nemesis Cloth Fairy Tales Villainous Island of Fire

Mansions of Madness

One of the most massive games linked to the Myths of Cthulhu is back in a second edition. Mansions of Madness is a fully cooperative adventure and investigation game, in which 1 to 5 players will be committed to working together to defeat monsters, Ancient Ones and occult forces. The game is full of miniatures, boards and elements that make it already beautiful to see.

Furthermore, unlike the previous edition where a player was forced to act as a Keeper, thus playing against others in an asymmetrical way and slowing down the setup time a lot, this time everything is managed with a handy app that, in addition to narrating the events, guides the players in the creation of the game.

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Tainted Grail

One of the biggest games of this year, highly anticipated and really interesting novelty, Tainted Grail is one of the most massive productions of recent times for 1-4 players. Tainted Grail re-elaborates the myth of Avalon, with a fascinating setting between Celtic myths and Arthurian legend. As a group of heroes at the court of Camelot you will have to investigate the corruption that grips your lands, traveling far and wide to accomplish a series of missions that the game will propose to you.

The story will continue for crossroads , based on the choices made by players during the campaign, and consequently there will also be interesting repercussions regarding the development of characters who have a real card. The game also blends elements of dungeon crawler and deckbuilding, for one of the most interesting hybrids of the genre.

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Nemesis รจ another nice box to keep on your table, a 1-5 player adventure inspired by overwhelming Alien-style sci-fi atmospheres. Awakened on a spaceship from a cryogenic sleep, players must manage to survive the "thing" that killed one of their traveling companions.

The game is cooperative, but each player will also have a secret objective which it will likely lead them to betray others by trying to get the flow of the game where he needs it to be in order to win. A very solid game in the rules, with a component of bluffing and alliances which also contributes to a certain atmosphere.

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Fabrics of Cloth

Fiabe di Stoffa takes up what is the recent, great, trend of board games, that is to introduce the elements of a classic adventure within the dynamics of a boardgame. In this case of the librigames specifically, in which 2 to 4 players will find themselves in the role of a group of animated fabric puppets with the task of protecting their owner from threats and dangers of all kinds.

The game can be tackled as a series of unrelated games, but its heart is to take on missions one after another, forming a great adventure from start to finish. In addition to narrating the story itself, the adventure book introduces the rules of the game from time to time, so that the setup is faster and the rules can be discovered calmly, when needed. A real surprise continues, also thanks to the variety of situations you will encounter throughout history.

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Surprise release from Ravensburger, Villainous immediately became a sought-after classic, with many expansions and themed releases. In Villainous you will have the opportunity to take on the role of one of six charismatic villains from Disney's cartoon films: Prince John, Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar, the Queen of Hearts or Captain Hook.

Using the unique deck to which each of the characters has access, you will have to visit a series of places on your board that represent situations present in the respective films and use the cards to obtain a series of small victories. A battle of villains for 2-6 players, where you bring out the worst in yourself, ruin friendships and fight against your friends, all as Disney's most charismatic villains.

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L'Isola di Fuoco

Literally a great classic, L'Isola di Fuoco was the protagonist of a sensational Kickstarter campaign some time ago, before reaching retail markets all over the world . The most famous island of the 1980s returns in all its glory, reminding us of the rolling plastic balls and the dangerous paths fraught with snap traps.

The divinity of the island, Vul-Kar, must defend himself again by the arrival of the explorers who will try in every way to steal the precious gems set in the volcano in the center of the island. Vul-Kar's fury will be relentless, just as it will not be easy to escape from the thousand dangers that hide under every root and behind every leaf that are on the paths to get to the treasure. The game mechanics have been modernized and lightened, decreasing the chance factor and increasing the fun.

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