The best smartphone accessories to give for Christmas

The best smartphone accessories to give for Christmas
We are now going to enter the full Christmas period and if you have not yet decided what to give for Christmas, we advise you to hurry up in choosing what could be the eligible products before it is too late. The days, in fact, pass quickly, especially when you do not expect it, but if you are really short of ideas, we will take care of you, suggesting on this occasion a list of the best smartphone accessories to give at Christmas.

Raise your hand if you don't have at least one smartphone in 2020 and even if the one who will receive the gift has an entry-level device, ideas for a nice gift are by no means few. In the world of smartphones, in fact, there is no shortage of accessories that allow you to fully exploit your device, such as a pair of wireless earphones, memory cards and supports.

So if the person who will receive the gift is a technology enthusiast, especially smartphones, the list of items we have created will surely contain one or more products capable not only of being a beautiful Christmas gift, but also useful for practical use of everyday life, making some operations of daily life more manageable. Having said that, let's not dwell too much and immediately discover what are, at least in our humble opinion, the best smartphone accessories to give at Christmas, remembering to constantly check the page because it will almost certainly be updated with new interesting products.

The best smartphone accessories to give at Christmas

Wireless headset Power bank Memory card Supports Lens

Wireless headset

If your best friend makes numerous calls while hours of talking on the phone, well, there is no better gift than a great pair of wireless headphones and what better opportunity to give away one of the best models currently available on the market like the Sony WF-1000XM3? Winners of various awards including the What Hifi Awards 2019, this Sony model will certainly be amazed by the receiver, thanks to its incredible audio qualities almost comparable to those of a good over-hear headset. Compatible for both iOS and Android, the WF-1000XM3s have an autonomy of up to 32 hours, feature active noise cancellation and are also compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, so they can also be used to start voice assistants. With rich, clear and wide sound, these earphones can only be the perfect gift for any music lover and for those who make numerous calls throughout the day.

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Power bank

Most recent smartphones do not enjoy excellent autonomy, being able to take you in the evening, but nothing more, with rare exceptions. For this reason, giving a power bank to someone who owns a device with a battery that is anything but huge could turn out to be an excellent Christmas gift. To avoid bad figures, we suggest you focus on the Gnceei model, since, in addition to supporting wireless charging, it has an LCD digital display with which to accurately monitor the residual power, the input and output status. In addition, the all-black glass with rounded edges makes it elegant and ergonomic, as well as offering good grip. Finally, its 5 inputs, including 3 USB ports, a Type-C and a MicroUSB, allow it to charge multiple devices at the same time and to give you an idea of ​​its capacity, it can charge an iPad Air 3 times or up to 7 times an iPhone XS.

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Memory card

Often we tend to buy a smartphone that supports expandable memory rather than a model that does not to increase storage space, since by opting for the latter you have a quality-price ratio that is not exactly ideal, especially if you focus on versions with at least 256GB. In this regard, giving a memory card, such as the Samsung EVO Plus, to those who need a lot of space could prove to be an excellent Christmas gift. This U3 case model boasts transfer speeds of up to 100 mb / s and includes an SD adapter, useful if you need to move files to a device with this port. Excellent for smartphones, tablets and much more, the Samsung EVO Plus is certainly an excellent object to put under the tree.

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As you well know, the smartphone is not used only for making calls, on the contrary, considering the countless possibilities offered by the most recent devices, that of calls is probably the least frequent use, given that photos and videos play a fundamental role and for this reason we believe it plausible that giving a gimbal stabilizer can make happy all lovers of selfies, panoramic videos and time-lapse. In our opinion, the FeiyuTech Vimble 2S will delight all those people who love to shoot a lot of scenes throughout the day, thanks to the algorithm that tracks faces and objects. With this model, you no longer need professional equipment to get stable video and specific shots, and it can also be used as a portable charger. Certainly a gift to consider.

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In recent years, high-end smartphones have implemented a photographic sector to make the cameras almost obsolete digital, with sensors that can even offer optical zooms, but for many people it may not be necessary to spend large amounts to get these results, since relying on telephoto lenses designed specifically for smartphones could get more or less the same results. Devices such as the Apexel HD 36X, in fact, also allow a smartphone without optical zoom to reach very good zoom levels, sometimes even exceeding the characteristics of the top-of-the-range models. Once this telephoto lens is mounted behind the rear camera of the smartphone, you will get a 36x close-up image, thus being able to capture details even from a long distance. Basically, your device will become binoculars and thanks to the remote shutter you can take selfies or group photos from a maximum distance of 10 meters. Included in the package is a mini tripod, necessary to keep the smartphone stabilized.

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