Onward arrives on Disney + with "Holiday Titles"

Onward arrives on Disney + with Holiday Titles
Disney is ready to kick off the holiday season with special programming on the Disney + platform that will culminate with the arrival of Onward, the Disney and Pixar animated film!

Onward on Disney +

From January 6, Onward - Beyond Magic, the animated film by Disney and Pixar that tells the story of two teenage elf brothers who embark on an extraordinary adventure to discover if there is still a bit of magic in the world will arrive on Disney + .

In a fairy world where magic, little by little, has been replaced by technology, two elf brothers discover a secret message left by their father who passed away during their childhood. By following the instructions, they could recreate a spell that could only bring him back to life for a day. Thus begins a treasure hunt full of unexpected events and obstacles that will lead the two boys to rediscover ancestral values.

ONWARD - (L-R) Ian, Laurel and Barley Lightfoot. © 2020 Disney / Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

"The titles of the holidays" on Disney +

In a season like the Christmas one perfect for streaming, Disney + offers "The titles of the holidays" a collection of contents suitable for all types of from beloved classics like Mom, I Missed the Plane and Santa Clause to the highly anticipated Disney + Originals LEGO Star Wars - Christmas Special, which premiered on November 17, High School Musical: The Musical: The Christmas Special, coming soon on December 11th, Fairy Godmother Wanted, available from yesterday, Friday December 4th, and On Pointe - Dreams in dance from December 18th.

The collection also includes the Christmas episodes of the 30 seasons featured on Disney + from The Simpsons, as well as classics from some of the most popular Disney Channel and Disney Junior series.

In addition, the films Disney + Black Beauty: Autobiography of a horse, available from last November 27th, Safety: Always by your side, which will debut on the platform on December 11th and Soul which will arrive on Christmas day, will arrive in preview , December 25.

Disney + Originals

LEGO Star Wars - Christmas Special - Available in streaming The Story of Olaf - Available in streaming Noelle - Available in streaming High School Musical: The Musical: The Christmas Special - Available December 11 Arendelle Castle Christmas Log - Available to stream Rey and Darth Vadar in LEGO STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL exclusively on Disney +. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

Holiday movies

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Mom, I missed my plane Mom, I flew back: I got lost in New York Mom, I got measles Santa Clause What happened to Santa Clause? Santa Clause is in trouble Muppet house party The Chronicles of Narnia - The lion, the witch and the wardrobe While you were sleeping Nightmare Before Christmas Mickey and the Magic of Christmas A Christmas Carol (2009) Mickey - Amazing Christmas! Paw 2 - Christmas puppies Miracle on 34th street (1947) Miracle on 34th street (1994) Happy New Year with Winnie the Pooh Disney's Fairytale Weddings: Holiday Magic Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic Beauty and the Beast - A magical Christmas Super puppies at Christmas - Finding Paw Christmas The best Christmas gift Paw and the magic of Christmas A magical Christmas Home for Christmas Babes in Toyland Christmas2.com The Christmas star All-round miracle 12 times Christmas Richie Rich's Christmas Wish A perfect Christmas Singing under the mistletoe Life-Size 2 Three Days A promise is a promise Frozen - The Adventures of Olaf Pluto's Christmas Tree Lanny & Wayne: Christmas Mission Lanny & Wayne: Good Vs Bad Lanny & Wayne: Christmas Mission Christmas Era Dad Christmas Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Ice Fight

Christmas at the Simpsons House

"Dog Christmas" (S1E1) "Marge don't be proud" (S7E11) "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" (S9E10) "At Christmas every Spassolo is worth "( S11E9) "Snow torments" (S12E8) "She of little faith" (S13E6) "Peace, quiet and chili" (S14E18) "All better at Christmas" (S15E7) "Christmas revised and corrected" (S17E9) "Kill Gil, Volumes 1 and 2 "(S18E9)" The Burns and the Bees "(S20E8)" The Battle Before Christmas "(S22E8)" Holidays of a Future Past "(S23E9)" The Blues of White Natal "(S25E8) "I won't be home for Christmas" (S26E9) "Merry Kustmas" (S28E10) "Gone Boy" (S29E9) "It's the 30th season" (S30E10)

Disney Channel at Christmas

Raven - " Christmas "(S1E19) Zack and Cody at the Grand Hotel -" Christmas at Tipton "(S1E21) Kim Possible -" A very possible Christmas "(S2E13) Phineas and Ferb -" A Christmas for Danville too! " (S2E22) Phineas and Ferb - "A Christmas with the family of Phineas and Ferb!" (S3E17) Phineas and Ferb - "Ice Stunts / Happy New Year!" (S4E2) Good Luck Charlie - "Good Luck Jessie: Christmas in New York" (S4E17) Good Luck Charlie - "The Christmas Talent Show" (S3E21) Jessie - "Christmas at Ross House" (S1E8) Jessie - "Good Luck Jessie : Christmas in New York "(S3E7) Girl Meets World -" Riley and family for the holidays "(S1E16) Girl Meets World -" Riley and Maya's Christmas "(S3E18) Zack and Cody on the bridge -" The London's Christmas "(S3E15) Bizaardvark -" The Raging Elf "(S1E17) Bizaardvark -" The Evil Christmas Robot "(S2E13) Austin & Ally -" Omits & Mistletoe "(S3E5) Austin & Ally -" All Together and best wishes "(S2E6) Big Hero 6 - The Series -" The Gift "(S2E18) KC Secret Agent - "K.C.'s Christmas present" (S1E27) Lilo and Stitch - "Puntale" (S1E21) Liv and Maddie - "New Year with the Rooney!" (S2E7) Ultimate Spider-Man - "Christmas Nightmare" (S3E11) Avengers Assemble - "New Year's Eve Showdown" (S4E14) Guardians of the Galaxy - "Christmas Carol" (S1E26) Kickin 'it - Karate shots - "The spirit of Christmas" (S2E24)

Disney Junior at Christmas

Mickey and the Friends of the Rally - "Happy turbofests from Hot Dog Hills / The feast of the Help" (S1E23) Mickey and the Friends of the Rally - "A crazy Christmas" (S2E10) Pj Masks - Superpjamas - "Superpjamas save Christmas" (part 1 and 2) (S3E21) Muppet Babies - "A very very Muppet Christmas / Super fabulous Christmas surprise for Summer" (S1E17) Bluey - "Santa veranda" (S1E52) Mickey's house - "Mickey saves Christmas" (S1E20) Mickey's house - "Minnie's bow show First Part" (S5E5) Mickey's house - "Mickey's bow show Minnie Mouse Second Part "(S5E6) Jake and Neverland Pirates -" Neverland Winter / Hook on ... Ice "(S1E24) Jake and Neverland Pirates -" Captain S crooge "(S3E26) Elena di Avalor -" The snowstorm "(S2E20) Dr. Peluche -" A special Christmas at home Peluche "(S2E11) Puppy Dog Pals -" A puppy Christmas / The noise of the latke "(S1E20 ) The Lion Guard - “Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas” (S2E13) Minnie Toons - “The Christmas Tree” (S3E5) Henry Monsiciattoli - “Merry Christmas Monster” (S1E22) Buy Baby Yoda's plush!

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