The best Christmas comics to give

The best Christmas comics to give
Which Christmas comics to give for Christmas? The holiday season is approaching as are the anxiety and stress of buying gifts. However, we have some good news for you: if the person you are thinking of giving a gift to is a lover of the world of comics, you will really be spoiled for choice on what to find under the tree. But if you want help with an original and Christmas-themed idea, here are our recommendations for the best Christmas comics, some of which are real spin-offs of famous sagas.

I best comics about Christmas

Mickey's Christmas Carol Klaus Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! Alan Ford - The Christmas tree Dylan Dog n.196 - Who killed Santa Claus? Batman: Noel Christmas with the super heroes Marguerite's Christmas

Mickey's Christmas Carol

One of the greatest classics of Disney literature is certainly the Christmas Carol, which has become unforgettable thanks to to the animated film. The story takes its cue from the famous novel of the same name by Charles Dickens, but the role of the miser and selfish Ebenezer Scrooge is dressed as Uncle Scrooge. The latter must face a hard life lesson that will upset him forever and make him understand the true magic of Christmas. An exciting and introspective work that certainly cannot be missing in the library of a true comic book lover.

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For many it is a legend, for others a myth, but it is universally loved by both adults and children. But who can say that they know the true origins of Santa Claus? It is a comic set in a mysterious mythological and magical past in which the birthplace of Santa's career is told. The author is the master Grant Morrison who, together with the designer Dan Mora, have renewed the character of Santa Claus, transforming him into a modern superhero. To do this they drew inspiration from dozens of character-related sources from Viking folklore and Siberian shamanism.

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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Here is another great classic of Christmas comics. Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! is a story made by Charles M. Schulz that has warmed the hearts of thousands of Peanuts fans since 1989. The work is characterized by the presence of white boards that only see the appearance of many snowballs useful to tell the Christmas adventures of the most famous group of children in world comics history. Schuz's artistic talents were also defined as immortal by Umberto Eco, so it goes without saying that this work should also be included among the unmissable ones.

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For the little ones, we recommend the illustrated and more cartoonish version of Merry Christmas, Snoopy! also created by Charles M. Schulz.

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Alan Ford - The Christmas Tree

If you are tired of the usual happy and romantic stories related to the holiday season, this and the next comic could be for you your. Alan Ford - The Christmas tree, created by Max Bunker and Magnus, does not treat Christmas in a truly poetic and loving way, in fact there is no room for good feelings or charitable gestures full of kindness and altruism. On the contrary, Alan Ford and Bob Rock, the two protagonists of the story, are called upon to do everything possible to block those who want to ban the tradition of the Christmas tree. And by “doing everything” we mean everything, even the most unspeakable things.

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Dylan Dog n.196 - Who killed Santa Claus?

Not satisfied with Alan Ford - The Christmas tree and are you looking for something even more shocking? So here is the representative par excellence of Italian comic art: the Investigator of the Nightmare of Sergio Bonelli Editore. Already from the cover you can realize that it is certainly not a work to give to children. In this comic, in fact, the screenwriter Pasquale Ruju and the designer Giampiero Casertano have decided to tan poor Santa Claus for the holidays by dyeing the white snow with blood red. The register tells the story of Ronald Thornsen who one day, in the hospital-prison where he is staying, receives a strange Christmas letter. As you can understand, it is not a letter of gifts.

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Batman: Noel

This story is also inspired by the immortal classic by Charles Dickens, but this time it features Batman along with his enemies and allies. Along the way that will take him to various eras, Batman must deal with his past, present and future as he battles criminals from the 1960s to today. Characters include Robin, Catwoman, Superman, the Joker and many other allies and enemies.

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Christmas with super heroes

This collection contains the best comics to read during the holidays. A selection of the most beautiful Marvel Christmas stories released from 1976 to today. Among the strips there are also some rare stories written by the father of Marvel superheroes: Stan Lee. All the most important superheroes of the Marvel franchise are present, from Spidey to the X-Men, from Punisher to Thor.

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Christmas by Marguerite

The story is that of Marguerite, 82 years old alone, who, too frightened to live Christmas, prefers to retire to the silence of her home, until something unexpected happens. It is a graphic novel awarded with the 2014 Boys Prize at the Bologna Fair that touches on unusual themes for holiday stories, and does so in a delicate and profound way at the same time, with absolutely unforgettable illustrations. The texts of India Desjardins and the illustrations of Pascal Blanchet create a magical and memorable combination.

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