Jackbox Party Pack 7 in the test: Once again great multiplayer fun

Jackbox Party Pack 7 in the test: Once again great multiplayer fun
Admittedly, local party games are not necessarily the big sellers in view of the current pandemic situation. But maybe your extended family is very humorous and speaks English very well or you live in a cozy eight-man flat share. Alternatively, you can play The Jackbox Party Pack 7 together via a stream, but of course it is funnier next to each other (and probably also more boozy). As far as the structure is concerned, the seventh part remains true to the series conventions: five different mini-games want to make you laugh. We'll find out in the test whether they succeed.

Table of contents

1 Quiplash 3 2 Champ'd Up 3 The Devils and the Details 4 Talking Points 5 Blather 'Round

Quiplash 3

Quiplash is one of the long-running hits and guaranteed fun in the series, so it is hardly surprising that the third incarnation is now in the starting blocks. This is simply about being funny. The game asks you questions, you give a (hopefully) hilarious answer, then your suggestion is compared to the input from the player who got the same template.

The audience votes on which is more amusing. This is quickly understood and entertaining again reliably, also thanks to the new third round, which is a little different than in the previous one. Apart from the game selection, you also use your own smartphone as a controller in Jackbox Party Pack 7. An Internet connection is required for this, as well as good to very good knowledge of English, there are no German texts.

Champ'd Up

Quiplash 3: Who gives the funnier answer? In any case, two players were thinking of the same thing here. The other players decide who deserves the points. Source: PC Games In package 7, a drawing game is once again part of the game - the aim here is to design a fighter who is inspired by the specifications that each player receives. It takes a while for the game to start, as you first have to swing your finger or stylus, and you have to design an opponent for the creation of another player. If you have fellow players who get involved in the doodling, there is as much fun here as with Tee-K.O from the third Jackbox game collection - but the compulsion to artistic activity does not create enthusiasm in every group of people. In addition, there are bugs, drawings, for example, do not appear on the television, or the group even crashes. Laughing gets stuck in your throat, the patch is hoped for soon.

The Devils and the Details

In the drawing game Champ'd Up you create characters who to fight against each other. Here, too, the other players decide who should win. Source: PC Games This game stands out because it is more complex and longer than the usual jackbox fare. As members of a demonic family, you try to appear as "normal" as possible, for which you have to master everyday challenges - for example, make an appointment at the dentist. Family members often have to cooperate with one another, and simple mini-games have to be mastered on smartphones. This game works much better together on the sofa than via streams. Unlike a quiplash and the majority of jackbox games, this is not about being funny, rather amusing situations arise naturally while you work together (or against each other) for the family good. The Devils and the Details is also more stressful for this reason and it takes more time to get in - so your fellow players should be reasonably attentive. Blather ‘Round works very much like Tabu. The players have to guess terms with vague hints - by the way, Darth Vader was wanted here. Source: PC Games

Talking Points

Perhaps to compensate for The Devil and the Details, Talking Points is based on a very simple foundation. Players get topics to give a lecture on. At the end of the day, the audience decides which lecture was particularly convincing or just funny. As with games with painting gimmicks, the concept is not appealing to everyone; if you don't like to be in the spotlight or just don't have a lot of spontaneity, you won't enjoy talking points that much.

Blather 'Round

This game is very fun if you have excellent Has knowledge of English. Because here terms have to be guessed using very vague clues, a bit like taboo in the well-known parlor game. The faster the other players find out the word or name they are looking for, the more points the questioner gets, and the guesser also gets valuable points for the correct answer. The rounds go fast, the principle is quickly internalized, and sometimes the whole thing is also quite funny. A more than solid conclusion to the Jackbox package! All in all, the selection of games in Jackbox Party Pack 7 is better than that of the last part, the mix is ​​also right, everyone gets something for their taste. Very annoying, however, are the bugs and crashes that are not PC-exclusive but also occur in the versions for all other platforms.

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Editor in Chief

[email protected] “Otherwise there were always outliers, this time all games are good! Of course, it also depends on the composition, level and availability of other players which of the five games you have the most fun with. I love drawing games, but I've learned to accept that not everyone feels that way (but everyone always wants to play tea-knockout, strange). I have now heard several times that people miss a quiz game in this collection, so I once noted it under the contra points, but in this regard I am free of pain. Most of the time, the quiz questions in jackbox games are so closely intertwined with American pop culture and all kinds of cultural references that I just don't have a clue what they're talking about. This problem also occurs a little with Blather ‘Round, if your friends are not just walking trivia lexicons, it is quite difficult to guess some of the terms you are looking for. The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (PC) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (PS4) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (NSW) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (XBO) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Very good mix of games Guaranteed in Big round have fun Again with a drawing game Great background music Nice, charming presentation No chance without knowledge of English Bugs and a few crashes This time without a quiz game More pros & cons ... Conclusion Great party fun, which lacks a German translation

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