Scented candles: the best to give at Christmas

Scented candles: the best to give at Christmas
The Christmas atmosphere is already invading us, with its lights, colors, scented candles and a rush for gifts. But how can we fully experience this feeling even when we are at home? Completing the party atmosphere with the best Christmas candles that will brighten the environment and scent it like Santa's toy factory. And why not share this feeling with the people closest to us? After all, scented candles are a classic gift that never goes out of fashion.

Scented candles with a Christmas theme

Yankee Candles Jewel candles Decorative candles

Yankee Candles

If you are passionate about scented candles you cannot miss this classic of Christmas candles. With their scents that evoke happy childhood memories, the jar candles give a long glow. The new Yankee Candle collection for Christmas is full of gift ideas with packages designed to make a good impression under the tree. The candles created especially for the holidays are ready to surround us with typical fragrances of the Christmas period such as spicy ones, but also with hints of verbena, spruce, Christmas cookies and winter fruits, to best recreate a charming and enveloping Christmas atmosphere. br>
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Jewel candles

If you want to indulge yourself as well as relax, why not opt ​​for jewel candles? Very fragrant candles that hide a sparkling surprise inside. In addition to filling the room with spicy Christmas scents, inspired by the traditional sweets of this time of year, this candle will surprise you with its tasty notes of red fruits and a hint of orange. For the more demanding there are also vegan versions, made with soy wax.

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Decorative candles

If you love candles, why not use them directly as a decoration? With their original shapes or their Christmas packaging, these candles are great for creating a cheerful atmosphere. Imagine that your decorations smell like winter cedar, delicious cinnamon apple pie, gingerbread, Santa's cookies, berries, fir, cherries and other Christmas fruit or even mulled wine.

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