The best Mazinger Z Gadgets not to be missed

The best Mazinger Z Gadgets not to be missed
Mazinger Z, the first "robot" created by Maestro mangaka Go Nagai, continues to have fans all over the world, even after many years from his debut, and how many of them would be happy to receive a gift dedicated to our robotic hero for Christmas? For this we have created a selection of the best Mazinger Z gadgets found on the net. The choice is vast and varies from accessories for the kitchen and for the home, passing through model kits and action figures that are the masters, up to the inevitable Super Lega Z branded T-shirts!

Mazinger Z gadgets for home and office

Mazinger head salvage Alarm clock with original Japanese sound effects Fridge magnets Robotic cookie cutters Vinyl sticker murals Silicone cake mold Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z soc GX-01 Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Battle Damaged Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Kurogane Finish Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Super Kawaii Action Figures and Model Kit: Model Kit HG to build Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Infinity Metal and Plastic T-Shirt Model Jersey woman Carnival Costume for Adults Mazinger Z and the Jet Pilder floating Carnival Costume for Adults Mazinger Z: Infinity Blu-Ray + Set of 4 mini-posters Mazinger Z complete series in 12 Blue -ray

Mazinger's head piggyback

Do you want to take some whims but finances do not allow it at the moment? the best thing to do is put aside a little at a time, perhaps in a nice piggy bank. Of course, the classic piglet is no longer so fashionable, so what do you think of an object that is not only useful but also a signal to make your passions understood? Mazinger Z's head-shaped piggy bank is the one for you, and the great thing is that once full you won't need to break it to access the treasure inside and once emptied you can start a new collection, maybe for one of Mazinger Z gadgets presented further below.

»Click here to buy Mazinger Z Head Piggy Bank

Alarm clock with original Japanese sound effects

Are you tired of the monotonous buzzer of your alarm clock?

Are you so tired in the morning that the "delay" button on your smartphone screen is worn out?

Here is the solution to your problems: being woken up by Koji Kabuto who yells at the top of his lungs “ROCKETTO PUNCH! ! " and other weapons of his robot.

We accept no responsibility for any complaints from non-Nerd who sleep with you.

»Click here to buy Alarm clock with statuette with original Japanese sound effects

Fridge magnets

Mazinger Z magnets are not necessarily for the fridge, but that's where I usually finish the magnets, too if not all of them are as beautiful as these:

"Thanks Aunt, this magnet with the boat in relief and the words greetings from Cefal├╣ is beautiful, it will look great on my fridge"

How many times have you been forced to repress the urge to tear apart the ugly souvenir that relatives bring back from their travels? Now with Doctor Inferno's magnet close, even those memories will become bearable, and in the kit there are 4.

»Click here to buy Mazinger Magnets Set A

Robotic cookie cutters

Why insist on making cookies in the shape of stars or animals when there is the possibility of making a batch of sweets in the shape of Mazinger Z, Grendizer and Jeeg Robot D'Acciaio to bring a little epicness to the table! The right idea for the upcoming holidays. In my opinion one of Mazinger Z's gadgets impossible not to have.

»Click here to buy Set 3 Robottoni Cookie Cutters: Mazinger Z, Grendizer, Jeeg

Adhesive vinyl murals

Did you know that in Spain there is a 10 meter statue of Mazinger Z? and do you think that that white wall in the living room is less important than it does not deserve an adhesive mural dedicated to the brass knuckle robot? easy to install and remove, no products or special skills are required. ideal for decorating children's rooms as it is non-toxic.

»Click here to buy Murals Vinyl sticker 57 × 60 cm

Cake mold in silicone

Silicone mold that resists high temperatures that reproduces the head of the Mazinger Z robot. Easy to clean after use and reusable hundreds of times, to always have excellent homemade desserts , just hoping that once baked they are softer than Super Alloy Z

»Click here to buy SD TOYS Mazinger Z head cake mold

Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z soc GX-01

The first historical piece of the Soul of Chogokin line, that is, action figures of the highest level in plastic and lots of metal, rich in details and additional components that perfectly reproduce the robots of the series Japanese robotics. The GX-01 dedicated to Mazinger Z is now a real collector's item and for fans it is a fundamental piece.

»Click here to buy BANDAI Soul of Chogokin GX-01

Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Battle Damaged

We continue to tell you about those robotic works of art that are the Soul of Chogokin, much more than just Mazinger's gadgets Z, with another of the many versions available in the Bandai catalog dedicated to Mazinger Z. While many times it comes to particular recolorations, accessory upgrades or structural improvements, the GX-70 perfectly represents the damage suffered by the robot during the battle with the General Black. There are additional pieces in the box for use with the GX-73 (The Great Mazinger Dynamic Classic).

The Gx-70D is a piece destined to become a super rarity being a Tamashii Web Special Edition Exclusive

»Click here to buy the BANDAI GX-70D Mazinger Z Damaged Dynam ic

Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Kurogane Finish

14 cm Action Figure from the S.R.C. Super Robot Chogokin. High posability and excellent details, but the greatest particularity is in the particular coloring that gives it its name, the Kurogane Finish, which recalls the colors of the anime but with a particular varnish enhanced by a transparent cover.

Della the same line are also available the Grendizer and the Great Mazinger.

»Click here to buy BANDAI Action Figure of Mazinger Z, Tamashii Nations, Super Robot Chogokin, Kurogane Finish

Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Super Kawaii

The Cross Silhouette series by Bandai presents models in Chibi version to be assembled but which do not require painting as they are already colored. The peculiarity is that the internal structure of the character can be replaced to have a more slender and dynamic silhouette or leave that base and thus have an absolutely Kawaii mecha !! Inside there are effects and additional parts to recreate the classic poses of the hero.

»Click here to buy BANDAI Netaddiction Model Kit - SD Cross Silhouette Mazinger Z 10 cm

Action Figures and Model Kit: HG Model Kit to build

HG models have become famous thanks to the line of models to build and color dedicated to Gundam, the famous Gunpla, but with the release of the movie Mazinger Z: Infinity, bandai has launched a line of the characters of the Master Go Nagai in the Infinitism version or a more realistic and innovative design. An absolute masterpiece that, given the high quality of the components, does not require glue or colors to be built. Infinity!

»Click here to buy BANDAI Model Kit - HG grade Mazinger Z Infinity

Action Figures and Model Kit: Mazinger Z Infinity Metal and Plastic

Given the success of Infinity it is normal that there is a large amount of Mazinger Z gadgets dedicated to the film, but here we are faced with a small masterpiece for fans: 18 cm of metal and plastic, a lot of metal, with the design of Takayuki Yanase, dozens of interchangeable parts, effects and supports to recreate each scene of the film, a high quality of detail fully justify the price of this collector's item.

»Click here to buy BANDAI Metal Build Mazinger Z Infinity

Women's Jersey Model T-Shirt

A t-shirt says so much about the wearer and between the Mazinger Z gadgets we have chosen, these are the ones that will allow you to declare to the world your love for the legendary robot. 100% cotton and good wearability, all that remains is to choose your favorite subject!

»Click here to buy Mazinger Z T-Shirt Casual Model Woman

» Click here to buy T-SHIRT Raggio Thermal 100% Cotton Man-Woman

»Click here to buy T-SHIRT Mazinger Z 100% Cotton Man-Woman

Carnival Costume for Adults

Surely the Mazinger Z gadget that you will never forget after seeing it, and like everything extremely Trash you will be seized by the age-old dilemma, the brain says not to buy it, the heart does. I propose you a valid option, this costume is perfect for a graduation party or a stag party, obviously worn by the person celebrated as a traditional penance!

»Click here to buy Adult Carnival Costume

Mazinger Z and the floating Jet Pilder

This Mazinger Z Gadget is a small pearl: a Super Deformed version of the Robot in flight position that floats in the really air thanks to magnetism. Physics and Japanese cartoons in the same gadget? What is a crossover episode [cit.] One of those almost hypnotic objects that can keep friends busy all evening. And if you want there is also the version with the Hover Pilder, Koji's dear old Glider Glider

»Click here to buy KID'S LOGIC ml-09 Magnetic Floating Mazinger Z

» Click here to buy KID'S LOGIC ml-09 Magnetic Floating Hover Pilder

Head and Jet Pilder with effects

A scale reproduction of the head of the Robot, with removable Jet Pilder and the possibility to add affects that simulate the coupling phase of the vehicle piloted by Koji Kabuto, just like in the anime. A noteworthy collector's item.

»Click here to buy EVOLUTION TOY Mazinger Z Head and Jet Pilder Metal Action

Mazinger Z: Infinity Blu- Ray + Set of 4 mini-posters

We mentioned him a lot in this journey among the gadgets of Mazinger Z, so we couldn't not present the Home Video version of Mazinger Z: Infinity in Blu-Ray . Together you will receive a set of 4 Mini Posters with promotional images of the film which had its world premiere at the Rome Film Fest.

»Click here to buy Mazinger Z: Infinity Blu-Ray + 4 poster set

Mazinger Z complete series in 12 Blu-ray

The robotic series that created the Super Robot genre, released on the Fuji channel Tv in 1972, still today it remains a masterpiece to be reviewed. This Amazon exclusive version is divided into 12 Blu-Ray for the first time in high definition and includes all 92 episodes, therefore also the 41 missing in the version that arrived in Italy in the 80s. The dubbing is the historical one of Claudio Sorrentino but is present also the original Japanese audio as well as the opening and closing themes. The Booklets with the preparatory drawings, the guide to the episodes and the galleries of the illustrations are the icing on the cake of this unforgettable work.

»Click here to buy Mazinger Z - The Complete Series Exclusive Amazon [12 Blu Ray]

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