The best printer for home and smart working of 2020

The best printer for home and smart working of 2020
When we talk about the best home printer of 2020 we refer to those models that are perfect for a purely corporate use, but can also be used in the home and in this smart working period. In this guide we will provide you with a complete and comprehensive overview on the subject.

We will see in particular what are the characteristics that a printer for home and in particular for use in smart working cannot fail laser and inkjet printers, how the multifunctional ones and the best models currently on the market work. Happy reading!

Laser or inkjet printer: the differences

Basically you have to decide which one to buy based on the use you want to make of it. But let's go in order, starting from a premise: the reference technologies, as far as consumer printers are concerned, are two, namely inkjet and laser.

In the following paragraphs we see the main differences between inkjet and laser.

How a laser printer works

First let's see how a laser printer works. The models in question are characterized by three elements: laser unit, toner and photosensitive drum. The latter undergoes a positive electrostatic charge, which is eliminated by the laser at the areas to be printed: the result is a sort of imprint to which the toner adheres its powder, fixed thanks to a jet of hot air.

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