Nintendo in 2021: So it goes on with the Mario group

Nintendo in 2021: So it goes on with the Mario group
The rumor mill is seething again. After Nintendo announced that there would be no new Switch model in 2020, the door and gate open for all kinds of speculation at the turn of the year. Several, of course, anonymous and therefore non-verifiable sources have revealed to large media companies such as Bloomberg that the Japanese group will launch a new switch in 2021. Whether it is a Switch 2 or a Switch Pro is just as uncertain as the truth of the rumors. Allegedly, Nintendo asked developers for 4K resolutions for the implementation of Switch games. With the current hardware, this would of course not make sense.

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1 The return of Mario 2 Congratulations! 3 Mysterious Guillotine 4 Long-running Animal Crossing In addition, Nintendo is said to be in talks with Nvidia about a new chip for the ominous Switch 2 and is planning to work with a Taiwanese manufacturer of displays. It is said that Nintendo will use mini LED screens in the future. This is also LCD technology, but with improved lighting. As a result, the contrasts approach the quality of OLED displays, but the production is cheaper, and you can avoid the burn-in effect of OLEDs.

All of this sounds promising, and at least Microsoft and Sony recently launched their new consoles on the market - won't Nintendo fall behind if the company doesn't bring out new hardware? Of course, we don't have an omniscient crystal ball, but we're currently ruling out the possibility that Nintendo will introduce a console in 2021 that will completely replace the Switch (buy now € 498.00). Because: The Switch is still very successful, it even benefited from the corona pandemic, so Nintendo corrected the estimated profits for the year upwards. It would be unfortunate and absurd to offend the now more than 68 million Switch owners with the release of completely new hardware, especially since the Switch is only four years old - Nintendo even granted the unloved Wii U a five-year life.

Development stop, developer change - the battered Metroid Prime 4 could theoretically appear in 2021, but we consider this to be rather unlikely. Source: Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of NIntendo from 2015 to 2018, revealed in an interview shortly before his retirement that the company could well imagine holding onto the switch for a long time. Even if we exclude a Switch 2 for 2021, we consider it very likely that the so-called Switch Pro will finally be released, possibly with the hardware features mentioned at the beginning, i.e. a new, more powerful processor and a better screen. The rumor mill is not in agreement about when the time will come next year, there is often talk of the beginning of the year and the end of the year. Since the Christmas business is immensely important for console sales, we would rather locate the release period around November to December.

Rumor has it that the successor to Breath of the Wild will appear at Christmas 2021. Possibly even together with the suspected Switch Per! Source: Nintendo Especially since this date overlaps with another date that is currently haunted by the Internet, namely the release period of one of the hottest-awaited games since its announcement: Of course we're talking about the successor to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Although the game is commonly called Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo itself dubbed the game on their press server as "The successor to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" - so it will probably have some other name in the end. In any case, blogger Emily Rogers commented on Twitter about the release of Breath of the Wild 2: "The probability that it will be released for the Christmas season 2021 is 85 to 90 percent". Rogers had previously revealed Nintendo internals on the Internet, but not all of their predictions came true, so this statement should also be treated with caution. The release period is by no means unlikely, even if the predecessor was launched in the first quarter of the year. Only Mario is even more attractive than a Zelda for the Christmas business at Nintendo!

The return of Mario

What exactly is in the additional content for Super Mario 3D World called Bowser's Fury? Nobody knows yet, we are excited. Source: Nintendo How things will continue with the world's most famous plumber in 2021 is partly known, partly still speculation. What is certain is that Super Mario 3D World will be released for Switch in March, with the addition of Bowser's Fury. What exactly is in the new content is not yet known, in any case the title should serve as a kind of gap filler, in the nearer release period of which no other, large Mario title is to be expected. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will only see Mario and Co. in a cat costume in 2021, because the rumor is currently spreading that developer Camelot is working on a new Mario sports game for the Switch, which should appear in the first half of 2021. The Japanese studio has been successfully programming sports games for Nintendo for years, most recently Mario Tennis Aces in 2018. What the team is currently working on is not known, so we think it is quite likely that Mario will devote himself to fitness again in 2021 - possibly in the discipline of golf. Really no information at all, yes, there are not even rumors about a Mario Odyssey 2. According to the series tradition, we assume that the next "big" Mario game will not be a direct sequel, is probably in the works, but for a long time will not give a sign of life.


With a mini LED screen and a new processor? Switch fans may expect an upgrade in 2021 - not a new console, but improved hardware. Source: Nintendo While Mario's anniversary year ends in March 2021 (then the time-limited Super Mario 3D All-Stars will also be withdrawn from the offer), another long-established series is celebrating its birthday, which is no less closely linked to Nintendo in the general public's mind: Pokémon! The monster collection will be a proud 25 years old in 2021, and two gifts for fans have already been announced with Pokémon Snap and Detective Pikachu 2. But that's certainly not all, after all, these are just spin-offs from the pop culture heavyweight. The Pokémon Company traditionally publishes its titles with a certain pattern: A new edition of old generations is followed by a new part, which is then expanded, then another remake. This means that there should be a new edition for 2021, we think that the fourth generation is now in line.

Or maybe players can even expect a collection with several parts, such as for Mario's anniversary. Of course, The Pokémon Company may also go against its traditions and release a whole new Pokémon adventure, but the new parts of the series require a lot of preparation, not only for programming, but also for marketing. We therefore consider a very fresh Pokémon game before the Christmas season 2021 to be as good as impossible. Keyword anniversary: ​​in 2021 there will be another birthday child, namely Langohr Link. We've already covered the rumors about the Breath of the Wild sequel, but given that Zelda is celebrating its 35th anniversary, we can't imagine Nintendo giving up with this release of the series.
The Pokémon have a birthday in 2021! The series turns 25, we expect Nintendo and The Pokémon

Company to celebrate it in style. Source: Nintendo It is quite possible that a collection will also appear in honor of TLoZ, possibly (again) with Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask or maybe with Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Thanks to the Joy-Cons, nothing would stand in the way of the hardware-related implementation of the motion control on the Switch, and the high sales figures for the Mario Collection should make Nintendo optimistic that a Link game collection would be just as popular with fans. Remakes are always an option, of course, instead of remasters, and we think it is likely that we will welcome one of the Zelda games mentioned in a completely overhauled form at Switch in 2021, but we tend to be more of a collection of remastered games. Nintendo itself caused speculation a few weeks ago when the company's official US account asked its followers whether they prefer 3D or 2D Zeldas. Maybe there are or were there considerations to reissue the two GBC titles Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons in the style of Link's Awakening? We don't hope too much in this regard, especially since more than 80 percent of the participants said they prefer 3D Zeldas.

There isn't much more to the action spectacle Bayonetta 3rd Platinum than this logo Games is still working on the Switch game. Source: Nintendo And then there are the big question marks that have been around for months and years: What about Metroid Prime 4? Really nothing is happening on this front, we can imagine that new information will pop out at trade fairs such as E3 or Gamescom, should the pandemic be over by this time so that the events can take place. However, we do not believe that it will be published next year. Rumor has it that Samus fans don't have to do without new food, allegedly a new 2D offshoot is supposed to appear for the Switch in 2021. And if this doesn't come true, there is at least Axiom Verge 2, an indie game in the style of the classic Metroid games. Bayonetta 3 is also floating around in Limbus, but we believe that this game will be released before Christmas 2021 as more likely. Because: The game never changed studio, like Metroid Prime 4, and after the remaster of The Wonderful 101, Platinum Games should now have more time to work on the witch's adventure. It wouldn't surprise us if there was news about Bayonetta 3 in the next few months.

Mysterious Guillotine

& Animal Crossing is always being provided with exciting, seasonal updates. It is very certain that this will continue in 2021! Source: Nintendo Leaks are and were not only at Nintendo, but also at other publishers, including Capcom. Hackers illegally stole a lot of sensitive data from the Japanese publisher in November 2020. According to the information obtained by fraud, an Ace Attorney Collection including the parts that have so far only been published in Japan are to appear for the Nintendo console. The project with the working title Guillotine is also exciting: Behind it is a switch title, about which nothing is known and which is due to appear in February 2021 - if it is available. Maybe a Resident Evil?

All-time favorite Animal Crossing

Games that have already been released will also be important in 2021: Animal Crossing will definitely continue to receive updates that bring new content and keep the players engaged - and convince even more Switch owners to emigrate to the virtual island. By the way, some also see the current update for the game, in which you can finally transfer save states and thus entire islands, as an indication of a Switch Pro next year. Then it would be very easy to treat yourself to a hardware upgrade and still maintain your island, into which so much work has been put.

Will the Switch be able to build on the successes of 2020 in 2021? We are confident, because the console is now becoming so widespread and of course also becoming more attractive for all kinds of developer studios that are not paid for directly by Nintendo. Even more hardware-hungry titles such as Hitman 3 (also read our preview), Nintendo fans can no longer escape thanks to cloud gaming. And that the Switch is a paradise for indies has not only been clear since 2020, but became apparent just a few months after the console was released. So, regardless of whether the Switch Pro is coming or not, the future for Nintendo and therefore also for the players looks pretty bright at the moment. how do you see it? what do you expect from Nintendo? Write us in the comments!

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