Cashback without IO and SPID? Yes, thanks to Satispay

Cashback without IO and SPID? Yes, thanks to Satispay
The "Christmas Extra Cashback" plan is about to start: starting from 8 December, those who make at least 10 digital transactions in physical stores will have 10% of the amount spent returned. The initiative was designed to stimulate spending during this pre-Christmas phase, lending a hand to local merchants and, at the same time, educating on the use of digital payments instead of cash. There are three necessary ingredients: the App IO, the SPID or (as an alternative to the latter) the Electronic Identity Card (CIE). But there is another way to make cashback your own without having any of these elements available: you just need to have the Satispay app on your smartphone.

Christmas cashback: Satispay is enough

The news was announced today by Satispay: the app automatically becomes the simplest method to access the Christmas cashback, since anyone who already has their active account can start spending immediately without having to make any further registration . This is possible thanks to the identifications that Satispay has already carried out previously, thus guaranteeing the requirements that cashback brings together by registering with SPID or CIE on the IO app. Further useful information may possibly be indicated when activating the service.

We have done our utmost to make it as easy as possible to obtain the State Cashback for our Community, starting from the total sharing of our experience with the Government table dedicated to the project, where we have found attention and listening. We want our users to find a clear and comprehensive view of the benefits to come in their preferred payment tool. Immediacy and transparency are needed to allow people to perceive the value of the initiative and, therefore, change their payment habits. I am sure that when people start paying electronically, they will never come back, generating benefits for everyone.

Alberto Dalmasso, CEO and Co-founder of Satispay

Any payment can be part of this initiative, thus being able to receive up to 150 euros in exchange by virtue of 10% cashback on a maximum spending amount of 1500 euros. The cashback is also added to further discounts or cashbacks that Satispay itself may have agreed with local merchants, which makes the purchase doubly advantageous during these weeks.

How to activate the Extra Cashback 10 % on Satispay

The new feature will be activated starting from 8 December and will be accessible via the “Services” menu on the app. This function will also be useful later, because the cashback plan continues and the constant use of Satispay could lead to further rewards:

Consistent with the company's goal of simplifying people's lives, always within of the context of the Italia Cashless plan, in the coming weeks Satispay will implement an additional function that will make it possible to monitor the accumulated cashback - also with the other electronic payment instruments connected to the State Cashback via the IO app - and its position within the ranking of the "Super Cashback": the six-monthly prize of € 1,500 for the 100,000 people who have made the largest number of electronic payments, as part of the Italia Cashless initiative.

In this case, the amount spent will not count , but the number of payments made. Trivially, a single morning coffee can become an opportunity to win if paid regularly in this way (undeniably simpler and faster than a credit card, and moreover at no cost to the merchant). Everything will take on double value starting from 2021, when the Lottery of Receipts will also be active and Satispay will be fully valid to raise the stakes of potential winnings.

The only problem could be in the weekly spending limit that everyone has fixed on Satispay for their account: those who think of taking advantage of the discount would probably do well to immediately raise the threshold, so as to be able to take advantage of it from the next few days, and then restore the previous level at the end of the Christmas period.

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