PlayStation Store: Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Twin Mirror

PlayStation Store: Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Twin Mirror
PlayStation Store returns to the attack after a few days of relative tranquility, and does so with two titles in particular: Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft's "mythological" action RPG, and Twin Mirror, the new narrative-based adventure from Dontnod Entertainment , the creators of Life is Strange.

These are not, however, the only releases this week, characterized by the direct debut on PlayStation Plus of the original battle royale Worms Rumble, of the next-gen version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and FIFA 21, as well as the strategic Empire of Sin.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Ubisoft's mythological action RPG tells the story of a warrior who receives the powers of the gods to accomplish an important mission: to destroy the source of a terrible curse that could doom the gods of Olympus. In short, the premises of Immortals: Fenyx Rising (PS4 and PS5, € 69.99) are interesting, and the game does not disappoint.

Skilfully mixing cartoon-style graphics, beautiful atmospheres, a wide and fascinating setting, as well as a multifaceted gameplay, which alternates exploratory phases, environmental puzzles and fighting, the game manages to grab attention right away and keep the involvement high throughout the campaign.

Twin Mirror

After Life is Strange, the French team Dontnod Entertainment returns to try their hand at narrative adventures and does so with Twin Mirror (PS4, 29.99 euros), a title presented some time ago with a very different look but not deemed valid enough. This has led to a rethinking of the entire project and the end result is a really great experience, engaging and with very well characterized characters.

The story being told is that of Sam Higgs, a former investigative reporter who returns to his hometown to pay his last respects to a missing friend. However, his daughter is not convinced that the death occurred from an accident, and asks Sam to investigate: a mission that the protagonist of Twin Mirror decides to accept, but which will lead him to face his inner demons again ... and not. solo.

Empire of Sin

Against the backdrop of 1920's Chicago, Empire of Sin (PS4, 39.99 euros) is a turn-based strategy game in which, under the command of a mafia boss choosing from fourteen different real figures, we will have to lead a criminal organization to conquer the city within a well-defined time horizon. We will have thirteen years available to take the throne at the expense of our rivals: will we succeed?

In full prohibition, with the police forces never so cautious and ruthless competition from other criminal groups, always ready to get out of the way, our job will be to better organize the team, assign leadership roles to the best men available and use literally any means to achieve the ultimate victory.

Worms Rumble

Available for free, at no additional cost, for PlayStation Plus subscribers, Worms Rumble (PS5 and PS4, € 14.99) is the latest incarnation of the famous Team17 strategy with worms, which for the occasion adopts a different approach than usual, transforming into an original battle royale in which up to thirty-two players can take part.

At the command of worms equipped with guns, rifles, bazookas, grenades and even improbable weapons like the l sheep thrower, we will be able to try our hand at different competitive modes in real time and create absolutely spectacular matches, enriched by the humor typical of the series and its funny and colorful graphics.

Rainbow Six: Siege

The free upgrade for the PS5 version of Rainbow Six: Siege (free for owners of the game on PS4) is available from this week on PlayStation Store, which finally brings Ubisoft's tactical shooter to the next-gen thanks to a series of important technical improvements, in particular a frame rate that reaches 120 fps to guarantee the gameplay unprecedented precision and responsiveness.

Important news for the title of the French company, which has been updated over the years continuously and has been able to win a large slice of fans, also becoming a real point of reference in the field of international eSports events.


It updates itself to the ver PS5 also FIFA 21 (free for owners of the game on PS4), introducing some important technical improvements, especially as regards the effects. The new lighting system is able to enhance the details of the polygonal models of the players, even emphasizing the sweat on their face and any skin imperfections, for even more realistic graphics.

The technical innovations will also affect on the gameplay, increasing the responsiveness of the movements and the precision of the controls thanks to animations with a greater number of joints. On the structural front, however, we will be able to count on the great substance of the classic modes, of Volta Football and of the inevitable FIFA Ultimate Team.

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