Yakuza Like A Dragon: combat system guide

Yakuza Like A Dragon: combat system guide
The new chapter of the famous Japanese saga distances itself from the classic beat-'em-up style hand-to-hand combat system, veering strongly on a role-playing and turn-based battle structure, focused on the statistics and abilities of your group of characters and of the enemies.

Many of the fights that you will find yourself having to face will be obligatory because they are linked to the missions of the main one, but on many other occasions you will have to fight in the streets of the city to defeat groups of enemies. In these cases, you will be the one to initiate the battle, approaching the groups of opponents marked by a conspicuous question mark positioned above them. The choice of starting a fight within the open world will always be in your hands, but the advice is to dedicate the right time to the fighting from the beginning of the game, so as not to find yourself in serious difficulty when you you will find yourself facing enemies and mandatory bosses of a level that is too higher than yours.

After starting a fight it will be divided into turns, but the passage of time will not stop: all the characters involved in the battle, in fact , they will be able to move freely through the battlefield scenario, but they will not be able to take any action until it is their turn and an order is given. In this sense, keep in mind that your characters, if close to an enemy, will follow him trying to stay within range, waiting to receive an attack order.

In the meantime, all around the battlefield the life of the city will continue, thus creating different types of approaches to combat and the possibility of using the environment to one's advantage. For example, by forcing an opponent to approach the edge of a busy road you can hit him and make him run over by a passing car, thus getting rid of him quickly and easily.

During your turn you can use all the characters present in your party, choosing whether to use their normal attack or a special ability: in both cases you can select the target as you wish, thus trying to maximize the damage inflicted and creating strategies to avoid suffering damage to the next round. In general, using the special abilities of the protagonists as much as possible is the best method to finish fights quickly and without consequences, but you will still have to carefully manage their use during the phases of each fight. Pay attention to the positioning of the enemies, however, since a direct attack on an opponent covered by a partner of his will risk, in most cases, to be resolved with nothing. If, on the other hand, one of your special techniques is successful, you can continue the attack against the same enemy, in such a way as to inflict further damage on the surrounding opponents as well.

During the fight you will also have the possibility to collect makeshift objects and weapons found on the battlefield, such as sticks, metal bars and so on: by doing so you will significantly increase the physical damage inflicted by the characters of your party. The skills and fighting techniques of the protagonists, on the other hand, will be strongly influenced by their professions and by the development of the latter, which guarantee the possibility of using new skills and always different categories of weapons; by facing and winning the fights you will be able to increase the level of the professions, thus improving the offensive potential of the characters of your party.

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