What if Dante was on Facebook? in Lucca Changes

What if Dante was on Facebook? in Lucca Changes
Social networks are now part of our daily life, but come to think of it, they have only obtained this role for a very few years when compared to human history. What would have happened if some of the most important historical figures had had facebook? Such as Dante Alighieri. In Lucca Changes was presented the book The Divine Comedy revised and incorrect, published by the Longanesi publishing house. The writer Enrico Caliano, who spoke with one of the two authors of the book, Francesco Dominelli, about the genesis of this amusing version of Dante's Book will present the meeting.

Francesco Dominelli and Alessandro Locatelli are the creators of Facebook page “If social networks had always existed” followed, which imagines famous historical and literary figures struggling with social networks. Some books have already been born from this page, including the great revised and incorrect classics. The book dedicated to Dante's journey between Hell, Purgatory and Paradise is here revised as a funny story that bases everything on the humor of the characters and situations best known to the students, but does not abandon the respect for this great classic of Italian literature, however. basing all the rewritten scenes on a careful study of the original work.

Francesco, during the meeting in streaming, told details and curiosities about the making of The Divine Comedy revised and incorrect (available online), speaking and commenting on many scenes from Dante Alighieri's original book, and describing some changes made to make the scenes more fun. In particular, the author spoke of the relationship between Dante and Virgil, which he defined as a perfect comic couple, where Virgil is forced to endure Dante's constant complaints and ramblings.

Within this reinterpretation there will also be the characters made immortal by the great poet, such as Count Ugolino, Francesca, Ciacco, Ulysses and obviously Beatrice, even if nothing will be as you remembered it during the years of study in school. The author and manager of the Facebook page "If social networks had always existed" then talked about future projects, talking about how the page will continue with its usual ironic posts, but at the moment it is still early to talk about a new book.

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