Vision 918 RS, Porsche's extreme hybrid hypercar

Vision 918 RS, Porsche's extreme hybrid hypercar
In 2015, following a 2-year production with 918 units under its belt, the 918 Spyder project was officially terminated, leaving the h ypercar segment of Posche again discovered just as it happened in 2006, with the end of production of the Carrera GT .

A team of engineers and designers at Porsche then tried to imagine a viable alternative to the legendary 918 and the result was immediately visually impressive. These exclusive images come directly from Porsche itself which has surprisingly decided to share with its public a collection containing this and 14 other unreleased concepts through the Porsche Unseen project.

Vision 918 RS

The Vision 918 RS visually has very little in common with the car it was supposed to replace, although the DNA is clearly the same. Generously sized air intakes, sculpted bodywork, aerodynamic appendages resulting from the 919 Hybrid are only part of the details that make this concept unique; we can only imagine how it could have been inside as no dedicated images have been released, at least for the moment.

If the 918 Spyder managed to match extreme sportiness and soft and refined design, here we are at facing a new design paradigm.

Aerodynamic efficiency reigns supreme and the comparison is more apt with a military fighter than with a normal road car.

Improving perfection

As for the engine, no details have been released, but any solution chosen should have improved something already practically perfect; remember that the 918 Spyder boasts a 4.6 liter naturally aspirated V8 heat engine combined with the two electric motors for a total of 887 hp and 1280 Nm of torque.

When the three hypercars were presented, the so-called Holy Trinity consisting of Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, the Stuttgart house was criticized for having produced the car with a lower amount of horsepower. The only one of the three with less than 900 HP was initially seen as the least attractive but, as soon as they were tested by specialized magazines, it was immediately realized that the technical solutions adopted by the Stuttgart house, such as the sophisticated AWD system, were incredibly innovative even with respect to fierce competition.

The Porsche philosophy as we have known it up to now can be summed up in the word “Understatement“, which translates into sobriety. Despite this motto, a visually much more aggressive character emerges in the new and original concepts that could revolutionize the models that will come out of Stuttgart in the coming years.

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