They were selling counterfeit garments on Instagram - stop

They were selling counterfeit garments on Instagram - stop
The Postal Police of Bologna and Milan stopped a traffic of counterfeit designer clothes that a gang from the Milanese hinterland was peddling through Instagram. The damage resulting from this type of malfeasance reverberates on many fronts, as it distracts money from the original producers, scams customers and creates particularly poisonous damage for money distracted by businesses that in recent months are already experiencing moments of particular difficulty. br>

Scams via Instagram

According to what has been revealed, the closure of shops has led to an increase in the online search for possible buyers, up to a real "shop" through specific Instagram channels . More than 2000 users are scammed, 1600 of which are teenagers. In a few months a smuggling of 250 thousand euros in total was set up, up to the investigation and arrest by the authorities.

The Postal Police explains:

The gang was based in the Milanese hinterland (Rozzano, Buccinasco, San Donato Milanese, Lacchiarella) and had been working since 2018, with a peak in recent months. Using Instagram profiles with thousands of followers, they attracted kids, offering discounted branded clothing. The carefully selected users were contacted on Instagram and convinced to buy using prepaid cards. Subsequently, the scammers, with other social profiles, contacted the victims again persuading them to make a new payment, with various excuses, such as customs fees or tax problems.

The case counts as yet another warning to users, so that they rely on official sales channels without falling into scams like this one. For each channel identified, in fact, there are many that continue to act and the potential victims of the scams are therefore many more than can appear in the list of individual cases that have emerged.

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