Tesla, here's how the automaker has honored military heroes over the years

Tesla, here's how the automaker has honored military heroes over the years
Over the years, the Tesla automaker has honored all the military heroes who have served in the military. Let's take a look at the vehicles that Elon Musk's company has decided to build and dedicate to the military. On the occasion of Veteran's Day 2020, the well-known Teslarati portal has decided to thank all the heroes who sacrificed themselves to protect their homeland, creating a small timeline of the cars dedicated to them.

Model S 2014

Back in 2014, the Tesla car company released several photographs of a military-inspired Model S via its twitter channel. The Model S camouflage hasn't appeared on the web since then but the message posted with the photo clearly demonstrates the great trust the company places towards its veterans.

A heartfelt Veterans Day thank you to all who have served . #TeslaVets #VeteransDay pic.twitter.com/Eynq2wzXr7

- Tesla (@Tesla) November 11, 2014

Model S 2017

So as for the 2014 thank you dedicated to veterans, Tesla has designed a brand new Model S characterized by a camouflage-themed coating thanks to the collaboration with some companies. Among these were completed creations of SS Custom, unpublished details created by Unplugged Performance and EVannex. On the occasion of Memorial Day in 2017, the vehicle arrived as far as the San Francisco National Cemetery in order to honor all the heroes who died in the war and who unfortunately put their lives in danger to protect the freedom of the homeland.

#HomeOfTheFreeBecauseOfTheBrave #ThankYouForYourService #MemorialDay #Repost @ ocerrato21 #TeslaVets #teslamodels # teslamodel3 #modifiedtesla pic.twitter.com/frkD4p6ad8

- MayTaras_TESLA_TESLA_, 2017

Veteran Employment Program

Great esteem by Tesla therefore that he even considers all veterans to be perfect to join his team since their previous experience has meant that learned adequate technical and mechanical skills.

Former communications director for Tesla, Camille Ricketts, said:

Veterans are the perfect fit for Tesla because many of them have acquired technical skills incredibly advanced electrical and mechanical in service that are directly applicable to the production of electric vehicles. Veterans are taught to lead in the context of a cooperative team, and that's exactly how Tesla works, allowing employees to be outside the box as they work hard towards a common goal. Hiring veterans is very complementary to Tesla's other mission to move the world towards energy security and independence.

In 2017, the company released a video intending to broadcast its veterans program . In fact, the company would have stated:

In Tesla, you will make the most of your military skills: dedication to mission success, technical competence, leadership acumen, ability to thrive under pressure, recognizing the value of teamwork , among the countless other strengths you have forged in the service.

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