Super Mario: Nintendo thinks about the news for the next games

Super Mario: Nintendo thinks about the news for the next games
Lately, the thought and attention of the gaming world is mainly aimed at the next-gen, the desire to welcome PS5 and Xbox Series X is on more than ever. But in this panorama with the scent of novelty, let's not forget that the Kyoto house with its Nintendo Switch is still in the midst of its life cycle. Thinking of Nintendo, the connection with the most famous plumber of all is immediate, Super Mario, who for 35 years now knows how to entertain young and old.

Super Mario is now an icon of the gaming world, which is why in a recent interview with the Washington Post, Kenta Motokura - the director of Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey, as well as character design for Super Mario Sunshine - stated that Super Mario will continue to have fun in the future by introducing innovative powers and new motion control systems in upcoming games in the series. As Motokura points out, in fact: "We are constantly working to create a Mario that looks like an extension of the player, while we devise better actions and improve the feeling of interacting with the surrounding world. I think it is very likely that we will continue to see new types of Mario actions in the future. ”

At the same time, thinking about the past, Motokura said he appreciated the opportunity to re-examine the Super Mario catalog, feeling really satisfied also for the work done in the last 35 years. “I constantly think about how lucky we are to be able to turn around and look at these games from the past bringing a collection like this to our fans. I also feel the importance of continuing to try new things, little by little, in our daily work, "says Mokotura.

That Super Mario is a source of pride for the big N is an undisputed fact and also the response that the public continues to give to the Kyoto house is certainly a constant stimulus to want to do more and more, analyzing well what has been done in the past, to continue to add important pieces and offer fantastic titles to remember in videogame history. Surely Nintendo with the solidity of its franchises will not fear too much the arrival of the two home consoles Sony and Microsoft, considering that it is continuing to record box office records.

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