Small appliances to give as a gift for Christmas

Small appliances to give as a gift for Christmas
The most magical moment of the year is approaching, Christmas, which in addition to bringing lights and decorations with it, also means another thing: gifts! And here in this moment of difficulty we run to your rescue, with a detailed series of Christmas guides designed to accompany you in choosing the perfect gift, and especially this time we want to talk to you about the best appliances to give as a gift.

First of all we remind you that in this selection of products there are no kitchen products - to which we have dedicated a specific guide - but all those tools designed to drastically improve the daily life inside the home of those who receive them are included. In this our list of products it is possible to find appliances of all sizes, including some pocket-sized ones and others that must necessarily be positioned on the floor to work, all with solutions for both men and women, with options that cost a few tens of euros up to reach the top of the range.

Even if we are in November, and it may seem strange to carry on with the Christmas purchases, this is exactly what we would like to advise you to do, perhaps on the occasion of the discounts of the now next Black Friday. So, sit back and get ready to read our guide to the best home appliances to give for Christmas. Let the shopping begin!| Rowenta Infini Pro Elite Hair Dryer Philips Shaver series 1000

Robot Vacuum Cleaner iRoomba 692

We want to start our list with the latest addition to the iRobot family, iRoomba 692, the unstoppable robot vacuum cleaner that turns out to be a perfect ally in cleaning the smart home. With its powerful brushes, including an inclined one perfect for corners and edges, this robot is equipped with a large number of sensors which, in addition to identifying which are the dirtiest areas that need more cleaning, intervene on the iAdapt navigation system. capable of making up to 60 decisions per second to adapt its path. The presence of an AeroVac filter ensures that the dirt and debris collected remain in the appropriate container, without dispersion. iRoomba 692 is also compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands and with the iRobot Home app, which in addition to customizing the paths and cleaning methods, also provides advice on when to carry out extra cleaning.

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Ariete 4167 Vertical Ironer

The Ariete 4167 vertical ironer is a tool that in just € 33.00 will allow you to drastically reduce the time you spend ironing. Also ideal for travel, the Aries 4167 is able to be used quickly on hanging curtains or clothes, directly from the coat hanger, and thanks to its particular ergonomic shape with soft touch finishes, the effort involved is zero. In just 30 ″ from its activation Ariete 4167 is ready to use, and in addition to the particular stainless steel plate, there is also a lint brush and one with bristles.

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Black + Decker 7,2V handheld vacuum cleaner

Another small appliance that, once known, will struggle to get out of your lives, we are talking about the Black + Decker handheld vacuum cleaner which with its compact and lightweight design it will help with cleaning, reaching even the most difficult places. The great peculiarity of this vacuum cleaner lies in the fact that it is also able to collect liquids, and contain everything in the capacious tank of almost 400ml capacity and can be emptied simply by pressing a button. The powerful motor ensures concentrated suction power and, thanks to the included accessories such as the crevice nozzle or the brush, it adapts to any circumstance.

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Rowenta Air Force 460 Flex electric broom

If you are looking of greater power to clean floors, the Rowenta Air Force 460 Flex electric broom will certainly be for you, because thanks to its particular flexible hose that can bend up to 90 °, it can clean up to 5 times deeper of traditional vacuum cleaners. The brush, also equipped with LED lighting, captures dirt and animal hair on any surface including carpets thanks to the incredible suction power generated by its 21.9V motor. Among the numerous accessories that accompany Rowenta Air Force 460 such as the Animal Care kit, designed specifically to remove animal hair without damaging the fabrics as it passes, or the power slim vision motorized brush and even the articulated head ideal for cleaning higher furniture . As for the autonomy of Rowenta AirForce 460 Flex, the powerful lithium-ion battery ensures up to 30 minutes of use and takes just 3 hours to fully recharge.

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H Air Purifier

The air purifier with its many functions can be a real super gift, especially in this period. The powerful Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H is one of the best around and in addition to the high efficiency 3-layer True HEPA filter that eliminates 99.97% of fumes, allergens and other harmful substances, it also includes an antibacterial filter able to stop bacteria present in the air. In addition to the practical controls placed on the surface, this purifier connects to the wi-fi network and can also be controlled remotely via the MI Home app.

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Rowenta Infini Pro Elite Hair Dryer

Hair care, whether long or short, it is an important thing but with Infini Pro Elite it will be much simplified. In fact, this professional hairdryer is equipped with a powerful 2200W motor that guarantees an air jet capable of reaching up to 120km / h, ideal for very fast drying, and with the possibility of choosing up to three temperature levels and two speed settings. The Ionic function prevents static electricity by producing ions which, combined with the Keratin & Shine coating, allows the hair to remain soft and shiny. For a further precision of use there are also a 6 mm concentrator and a professional diffuser to give further volume to curly hair.

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Philips Shaver series 1000 razor

The gift we would like to recommend to all those who spend time shaving in the morning is the Philips Shaver Series 1000, which thanks to its particular technology, is able to drastically reduce the shaving time, as well as the maintenance time. The 27 self-cleaning PowerCut blades have in fact been designed for a clean and uniform shave, and for this reason they oscillate following the contours of the face in 4 directions. The battery allows you to use this electric shaver for 45 minutes after just 1 hour of charging, but there is still a quick charge that guarantees a complete shave in 5 minutes. To complete the features of this exceptional electric shaver there are the retractable trimmer for mustache and sideburns and the particular ergonomic design complete with IPX7 waterproofing, which allows it to remain immersed in water for up to 30 minutes.

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