Revolut, exclusive discounts to its customers on the occasion of Black Friday!

Revolut, exclusive discounts to its customers on the occasion of Black Friday!
On the occasion of Black Friday, Revolut never misses an opportunity to offer exclusive discounts to all its customers thanks to the Rewards initiative.

Rewards is the discount and cashback platform introduced by Revolut last July and available at inside the app for all customers. To take advantage of discounts and cashback customers simply follow the instructions and use their Revolut card at checkout.

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Among the offers of Revolut, with an interesting cashback, we report the following in Rewards on the occasion of Black Friday:

Huawei: 7% cashback

Honor: 6% cashback + up to 50 Euro discount using the in-app code

Samsung: 3.68% cashback

There are also cashbacks and discounts on MediaWorld, Gearbest, Unieuro, Trendevice, Philips and many other brands.

Black Friday, how to shop safely

The European Central Bank has found that fraudulent transactions amount to approximately 1.8 billion euros a year and several sector studies show that fraud cards increased in 2020, also due to the growth of ecommerce during the pandemic.

For this reason, Revolut created a list of useful tips to increase security when shopping online, especially at events such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday:

1 - Visit the seller's website directly. During busy shopping periods, scammers create copies of retailers' sites, very similar to the originals. They then post offers on social media or send the link via email or message, pretending to be the legitimate seller.

2 - Use disposable cards whenever you can, especially if you are not sure which site you are buying from. These cards can only be used for online payments once, before they are destroyed and the number replaced. It will therefore be impossible for scammers to access the money even if they get hold of the card details.

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3 - Enable push notifications for every purchase and action made with your financial service or bank account. This makes it possible to detect possible fraud in real time and report it immediately in order to receive your payment refund quickly.

4 - Link all your accounts together with Open Banking, so you can see them all. transactions in one place and have full control of expenses at all times, without the need to open every single account or risk losing a fraudulent transaction. It is especially recommended for those people who use different cards linked to various accounts for their online purchases.

5 - Use your card with Apple Pay or Google Pay to ensure additional security. When making a purchase with one of these methods, the merchant receives a unique encrypted code in place of the card number. This happens for both online and physical transactions, so you can also use it in stores to pay with your smartphone without a digital PIN and risk that someone will see it.

What purchases are you going to make? Will you take advantage of the cashback offered by Revolut?

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