Resident Evil 3: our walkthrough and our guides to finish it during containment

Resident Evil 3: our walkthrough and our guides to finish it during containment
Released during the first containment, Resident Evil 3 is the remake of the original version dating from 1999. You return to Raccoon City at the controls of Jill Valentine, to flee the city and the infected that inhabit it in this agonizing action game. This thrilling game available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One just might be the game of the second lockdown, whether you've played the 1999 version or not. The graphic redesign as well as the few doped sequences, despite some cuts made in the original story, will be enough to make you rediscover this title in current standards. You can even embark on this adventure with the help of our complete guide to Resident Evil 3, composed of the complete solution of the game's campaign, the guide to the weapons you can use, as well as other accompanying guides to fully master the game.

Complete solution of the Resident Evil 3 campaign

Find in this guide our complete solution on the campaign, as well as the various secrets of this remake. In Resident Evil 3, you find yourself in the hands of Jill Valentine. Trying to escape the terrible Nemesis, programmed to hunt the S.T.A.R.S agents, you will fight your way among the zombies invading the town of Raccoon City. During the campaign, you will find many objects to help you while solving several puzzles.

Foreword Prologue - A new friend Chapter 1.1 - Alley on fire Chapter 1.2 - Electric vermin Chapter 1.3 - Pursuit in the streets of Raccoon Chapter 2.1 - Visit of the sewers Chapter 2.2 - Nemesis, first form Chapter 3 - Raccoon Police Station Chapter 4 - Nemesis, second form Chapter 5 - Finding Dr. Bard with Carlos Chapter 6.1 - Walk in the hospital with Jill Chapter 6.2 - Adventure in the basements Chapter 7.1 - Nest 2 Chapter 7.2 - Nemesis and the elimination center Chapter 8 - In pursuit of Nicholai

Resident Evil 3 Weapons Guide

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know to collect all the weapons and their mods. In Resident Evil 3, Jill and Carlos will have a whole arsenal at their disposal. Most of the weapons have mods, improvements boosting the effectiveness of the weapons to which they are attached:

G19 pistol, sight M3 shotgun, tactical stock, semi-auto cannon, cartridge belt Grenade launcher Rifle CQBR assault, scope, tactical grip, dual magazine G18 pistol (burst model) Magnum Lightning Hawk .44 AE, long barrel

Resident Evil 3 companion guides

With our Resident Evil 3 walkthrough, be well armed for the muscular adventure that awaits Jill Valentine. Which difficulty mode to choose? How to survive in the streets of Raccoon City or what to do to escape Nemesis?

Beginner's guide

Survival guide in Raccoon City The different difficulty modes Escape from Nemesis

Advanced Guide

The 20 Mr. Charlie, where to find them? The bonuses: Challenges, shops, concept art and models

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