PS5: probable cause of Coil Whine found

PS5: probable cause of Coil Whine found
Giving life to a new technological product without running into problems is really rare. Precisely for this reason, when we go to talk about the launches of certain technological articles, often the problems of the related product also begin to emerge. The videogame world is certainly not to be excluded when similar speeches are made as, even our beloved consoles often present problems that should not be underestimated. The most recent example must certainly be attributed to the brand new PS5 which has received a series of "criticisms" from many users during these days.

Unfortunately, Sony also found itself in the situation of "giving life" to a series of fallacious units that put the Japanese company (as well as the PS5) in a not particularly favorable light. In recent weeks, more and more owners of the new console seem to find software and hardware problems (in some cases very serious). The most general complaint apparently concerns the now well-known Coil Whine. For those who are not aware of this issue, the Coil Whine creates annoying noises coming from the PS5 fan (for no apparent logical reason). ref_src = twsrc% 5Etfw% 7Ctwcamp% 5Etweetembed% 7Ctwterm% 5E1329819442348519424% 7Ctwgr% 5E & ref_url = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fnews_wheat_whole_coose_couseF 2F2020% 2Fnews_whelose_cooseFloose_beef 2F20202

However, it would appear that a Twitter user (and unfortunate owner of a faulty unit) has found the potential solution to this notorious problem. According to the user in question, the Coil Whine is given by a somewhat absurd peculiarity. All this would be due to a simple sticker positioned next to the fan (which happen to detach partially). Once the annoyance in question has been removed, the Coil Whine tends to disappear completely (at least according to what the user in question witnessed).

Obviously to remove this sticker it is necessary to open the PS5 entirely and consequently invalidate the guarantee. So although for the moment this solution seems to work, our advice is to not open the console, but contact the Sony service. We can understand that the noise produced by the Coil Whine is not one of the most pleasant, but at the same time voiding the warranty for a similar situation is not exactly the brightest of ideas. We hope Sony will resolve this issue as soon as possible and that PS5s will not be as annoying in the future.

If Coil Whine scares you and you're not ready to move to the next generation of consoles yet, then we suggest you opt for a PS4. If you want to try what the competition has to offer, give us a thought and maybe consider Microsoft's Xbox!

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