More and more space, at ever lower prices

More and more space, at ever lower prices
How much life can fit in 2TB of space? Hours of music, years of memories, months of work. And when there is a 47% discount available, all this does nothing but double the interest, given that for 62.9 euros it is possible to take home a reliable Western Digital portable external hard drive at these hours. br>

Storage space: costs, offers, choices

The prices of portable storage units are increasingly falling, pressured by the cloud alternative that forces us to review certain market balances. However, the need for a portable unit remains high on many occasions, both for work and as a personal archive, so you can appeal to the offers available to put as much useful space in the bag, with a price as convenient as possible (but without discounts on safety and reliability, essential key elements).

Minimum dimensions, maximum portability and USB 3.0 connectivity: an extremely convenient hard disk that can be used on the move, therefore essential when alternating between multiple workstations or if you want to have a convenient tool for storing your most important files.

The discount is particularly important on this model, but discounts are also available on lower models at this stage (-38% on the 1TB one), or even higher capacity (-30% on the 5TB one). In short, to each his size, knowing that he has more and more information to archive and more and more options to access devices with large capacity at a discount.

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