PS5: the new State of Play reveals 12 minutes of Demon's Souls gameplay!

PS5: the new State of Play reveals 12 minutes of Demon's Souls gameplay!
Surprisingly, Sony PlayStation has released a new episode of State of Play, specifically dedicated to Demons' Souls, the remake for PS5 arriving on November 19th along with the next generation console. In this video, lasting about 12 minutes, we can discover many new details about the expected progenitor of souls-like thanks to Gavin Moore, creative director. Ready to discover every detail?

PS5 | Demon's Souls

The video opens with the start of a new game and access to the character creation menu. We had already had the opportunity to see some details of the creation system thanks to images shared through the PS Blog, but thanks to this video we can go into more detail. The technical leap is incredible and the number of customizations is much higher.

One of the first details that we can notice as soon as the game starts is the HUD: it is the first time that, through an official video, we have the opportunity to see the interface showing life, mana, stamina, and active items. The style has changed significantly compared to the original version: Bluepoint has opted for a minimal and geometric style. The icons of the active statuses on the character also change, abandoning the infamous icons of the PS3 version.

The activation of the first Archstone also allows us to notice that the loading times are extremely reduced: in a few seconds you can find again in Boletaria. During the first few seconds of the fight, Moore confirms that the enemies behave exactly like in the original, even if the animations have been recreated. In addition, the 60 FPS of the Performance mode will allow for a smoother experience. We are also confirmed that the game will not be simpler than the PS3 version. Instead, the sound effects have changed: Bluepoint has introduced many more sounds and has taken advantage of the Tempest Engine and 3D audio.

The gameplay video also shows us various areas of the game world, as well as various classes, from the heavy knight to the powerful wizard, passing through the agile thief. The fight, as fans know, changes significantly depending on the style chosen.

Let's not waste any more time and watch the official video!

Tell us, what do you think of Demon's Souls on PS5 ?

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