PS5: here's how PSVR fares on the next gen console

PS5: here's how PSVR fares on the next gen console
One of the very first information released by Sony regarding PS5, concerned the compatibility of the next gen console with the PS4 virtual reality headset. While the reviews of PlayStation 5 came out a few moments ago, including ours that you can find at this address, it is not yet clear how the PlayStation VR that debuted during the last generation behaves on the new Sony console.

To give an answer to this question was the editorial staff of arstechnica, which was able to test Sony's virtual reality viewer on PS5. As it was quite obvious to believe, to make PSVR work on PlayStation 5 you will need all that series of accessories already available on PS4, such as the PlayStation Move, the PS Camera and the DualShock 4. The PS4 controller will be strictly necessary, given that the DualSense does not have a light bar.

PSVR To test the potential of PlayStation VR on PS5 right away, the arstechinica editorial team made its debut with the latest Marvel's Iron Man. The performance of the VR title on consoles next en were definitely positive; with significantly improved framerates and loading times but the whole experience is not yet definable as next gen. In detail we are told that during testing, one level of the Iron Man VR campaign loads in 126 seconds on PS4 Pro and in just 78 seconds on PS5.

At the moment it looks like the overall PSVR experience on PlayStation 5 is not that different from the last generation in technical terms. Probably to have a real step forward in this type of experience it will be necessary to wait for a possible PlayStation VR 2. What do you think of the test carried out by the arstechnica guys? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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