PS5: Could Mediaworld anticipate shipping?

PS5: Could Mediaworld anticipate shipping?
As you all know PS5 will be launched on November 19th, but in these hours it would seem that the famous electronic chain Mediaworld could bring forward the shipment to 13th of the same month. This is what is reported on the pages of the individual products visible from the Mediaworld app for smartphones. Obviously we invite you to take these statements with due pliers, as it is not yet clear why this wording.

In addition to the shipment of the console, also accessories and any titles such as Demon's Souls and Spider Man Miles Morales report this shipment several days before the official launch, ie "starting from November 9". There is obviously no certainty that PS5 and everything else will arrive sooner, but this "oversight" is likely to come from making sure the couriers are able to deliver everything in time for the official launch. You can check the date on the bottom right for yourself.

Calculating that an average courier takes one or a maximum of two days, with the times that run due to a global pandemic, the days could inevitably increase, slowing down transport on Street. In short, this news may not have great value until there is an official confirmation about it. To date, therefore, the launch of PS5, accessories and any games is still set for November 19. It is even possible that due to the Coronavirus the shipment will take place even several days later, on Amazon, for example, some users have reported that the expected arrival is around 23 November.

What do you think of this news? Have you pre-ordered your PS5 from Mediaworld? Let us know in the comments below in the dedicated section. In the event of changes and confirmations relating to the launch date, we invite you to follow our pages.

Despite the pre-orders sold out in record time, at this Amazon address you can monitor and possibly buy PS5.

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