Portable drones | Best of November 2020

Portable drones | Best of November 2020
UPDATE 03/11/2020: we have added a new product in the list

Drones are one of the most innovative technological products of recent years and today, in various ways, they are part of our daily life, since they are not it's rare to see one in action and raise your hand if you've never wanted to own one of the best portable drones. These devices behave like a real helicopter and are equipped with a video camera capable of recording videos of excellent quality. The possibilities offered by drones are numerous and are not limited only to shooting scenes from above for pure fun, since they are often also used for other purposes, such as for example at a wedding or even by the police to keep under I control one area in particular, not to mention the many applications in the film industry.

Read also: Mandatory drone insurance, all you need to know In addition to a sensor capable of capturing excellent quality videos and photos, the drones have dozens of advanced features and technologies that allow you to do amazing things in flight. Over the years, their popularity has grown so rapidly that today there are many brands that have launched into this market by offering their products, but the company to which due recognition must be given is undoubtedly the DJI which still remains today. leader in the sector, thanks to its models designed according to the various needs and their undisputed quality.

It is no coincidence then that in our list of the best portable drones you will find several models of this brand, but there are still others companies that make products that are equally valid and that boast an excellent quality-price ratio. We therefore suggest that you take a look at our selection because we have reported the best models you can buy today.

The best portable drones

DJI Mavic Air 2 DJI Mavic 2 Pro DJI Mavic Mini Parrot Anafi PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Potensic T25 Snaptain H823H Tech RC Predator

DJI Mavic Air 2

Let's start our list of the best portable drones by pointing out what is probably the drone that suits the greatest number of people, thanks to its size and weight not particularly exaggerated. The Mavic Air 2 offers excellent image quality and makes it easy to create aerial masterpieces. Video recording goes up to 4K at 60 FPS and includes HEVC (H.265) format so you can save more data while taking up less memory space, while maintaining dynamic range and detail. The 48MP CMOS sensor gives amazing photos even in difficult conditions thanks to the SmartPhoto mode, which adapts the camera parameters to the acquisition of images in different scenarios. Plus, FocusTrack technology lets you shoot professional quality footage and unleash your creativity. An example is to keep the subject always in the center of the frame, even in the presence of trees or other obstacles that temporarily obstruct its visibility. Mavic Air 2 offers an autonomy of about 30 minutes and reaches 68 Km / h in Sport mode.

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro

This is the ideal model for those who want the highest possible video quality. The Mavic 2 Pro uses a 1-inch CMOS sensor and Hasselblad camera, especially known for capturing memorable scenes such as the first moon landing. It supports a 10-bit D-LOG color profile that extends the dynamic range to allow for greater flexibility in color grading, in order to capture even the most imperceptible ones for total freedom in post-production. The lens opening is variable and obviously there is no lack of omnidirectional obstacle detection, as well as all the other features typical of a high-end device, such as Hyperlapse and HyperLight modes. The range of the signal reaches up to 10Km and reaches a speed of 72Km / h. Finally, as far as autonomy is concerned, we are average given that the Mavic 2 Pro offers about 30 minutes of flight time.

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DJI Mavic Mini

As the name suggests, this is the model suitable for those who want to have a very compact device but without sacrificing quality and to the typical characteristics of DJI. The trade-offs compared to the previously mentioned variants are not many. It weighs only 250 grams and this makes it incredibly portable, allowing it to meet the standards expected in many countries for the flight of micro APRs. The Mavic Mini is equipped with circular propellers that protect the propellers at 360 degrees, also improving their performance in flight. Thanks to its advanced sensors, it is able to park in flight with extreme precision and the dedicated app allows you to create fantastic videos with just a touch. This model fails to record video in 4K but is limited to 2K resolution, which still offers excellent quality that will satisfy a good number of people. The connection distance reaches "only" 2Km compared to the 10Km of the older brothers, but the autonomy still guarantees about 30 minutes of flight, despite its small size.

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Parrot Anafi

With this model we leave the high end dominated by DJI and enter the medium one where there are numerous quite interesting drones and one of them is undoubtedly the Parrot Anafi. This drone uses a 21MP CMOS sensor and allows you to record videos up to 4K albeit with a rather low refresh rate of only 24 FPS. However, the overall image quality is excellent and the Gimbal stabilizer can be tilted vertically up to 180 degrees in order to take pictures from the bottom up, a function that probably no other model is able to perform. The dimensions of 175x240x65 mm and the weight of 350 grams make it a particularly compact and easy to carry drone. The autonomy is slightly below average, since the company declares 25 minutes of flight.

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PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard

This is a drone that differs from the competition in being able to fly in the rain and land on water, features that are often lacking in even the most expensive models. This allows even more spectacular video shooting, despite the image quality not equal to that of the most popular models. Its 12MP CMOS sensor is still capable of recording noteworthy footage in good light conditions and it's worth pointing out that it can also be used as a tripod-mounted gimbal camera controlled by hand gestures.

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Potensic T25

If you are a beginner and your main purpose is to gain experience before perhaps moving on to a higher model, we suggest you take consider the Potensic T25. It is a drone capable of recording videos in FullHD and taking good quality photos and is the ideal model to start getting familiar with this type of device. Although the price is affordable for everyone, it still boasts cutting-edge technical specifications and allows a stable flight thanks to the presence of GPS. Among the available modes we point out that of automatic return, while the maximum distance that can be reached is 300 meters. The autonomy in this case is rather poor, since it hardly reaches 10 minutes of flight.

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Snaptain H823H

Se instead you want an entry-level product and mainly suitable for kids, we suggest you evaluate this model, since it has received numerous positive reviews. Obviously, the performances are not comparable to those of the higher range, but it is still able to offer a satisfactory experience and capable of giving excellent satisfaction, thanks to the autonomy that allows a use of about 20 minutes and the presence of a 4-axis gyro, which ensures good stability. There are also some of the main pre-set features, such as 360 ° rotation, take off / landing with a single button together with the automatic return mode.

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Tech RC Predator

Finally, to complete our selection of articles regarding the best portable drones, we want to mention a model suitable for those who wish to spend relatively low amounts and buy a device that can be used to become familiar with this kind of products and that could bring you closer to this passion. For this purpose, the Tech RC Predator is certainly the ideal product since it offers the main functions that a drone must have, including emergency stop and low battery warning. Video quality is obviously not its strong point and autonomy is not, but it is the right product for those who want to start from scratch without running the risk of damaging a high-cost device due to lack of experience.
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