PlayStation Store: DIRT 5 and The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

PlayStation Store: DIRT 5 and The Dark Pictures: Little Hope
With just a few days left before the Italian launch of PS5</a>, the PlayStation Store is updated with the debut of DIRT 5, the new episode of the famous Codemasters racing series, and with the horror adventure The Dark Pictures: Little Hope.

The releases of the week also include several other titles: from the cartoon action platform Mad Rat Dead to the psychological horror Visage, passing through the new bundle dedicated to the Generation Zero shooter.


Welcomed with great enthusiasm by the international press, DIRT 5 (€ 69.99) marks the return of the famous Codemasters franchise with an episode that focuses heavily on the spectacular arcade races and on a series of contents of great substance, to start with the engaging Career mode that will see us compete in five different categories.

This is undoubtedly the core of the DIRT 5 experience, which in the traditional progression of the pilo Determined to make a name for himself will see us move from sponsor to sponsor and learn to master vehicles that are quite distant from each other in order to score points and climb the leaderboard. However, there is no lack of a frenetic Arcade mode and the novelty of Playground, with its powerful editor.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

After a not too convincing debut with Man of Medan, the Supermassive Games horror saga returns with a second chapter, The Dark Pictures: Little Hope (29.99 euros), proving to have learned from the mistakes of the past and delivering a decidedly more solid experience, improved both in the narrative and in the gameplay.

The story of the game this time sees a group of students and their professor blocked inside the town of Little Hope: the boundaries of the center have been invaded by a mysterious fog that prevents the passage, and so the group he resigns himself to spending the night waiting for the light of day to free them from a situation that becomes more and more tense and unsustainable.

More games coming out

Mad Rat Dead (39 , 99 euros) is the new action platform developed by Nippon Ichi Software: a title stylistically very distant from the Japanese tradition and closer to the atmosphere of American cartoons, in which we control a mouse that is granted the possibility to come back to life for a last day.

Visage (34.99 euros), a first-person horror game characterized by decidedly disturbing atmospheres, in which we will have to explore a very unwelcoming house that seems haunted by supernatural presences. Will we have the courage to shed light on the mysteries surrounding this place?

Generation Zero - Resistance Bundle (39.99 euros), complete edition of the latest title developed by Avalanche Studios, Generation Zero: a set shooter in an alternative Sweden of the 80s, invaded by an army of killer robots, enriched in this case by the expansions Alpine Unrest and Fnix Rising.

Ninja Legends (24.99 euros), a virtual reality action game for PlayStation VR in which we will be able to control a real ninja, grappling with challenging recovery and elimination missions to be completed thanks to the use of different special skills and weapons.

The Promotion of the Week

In the Promotion of the Week we find a surprise Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, which thanks to the offer it is possible to buy at the price of 52.49 euros instead of 69.99 for a saving of 25%! An opportunity not to be missed for those who have not yet tried the experience of this new episode of the Activision series.

After the great success of the N.Sane Trilogy, the peramele created by Naughty Dog is in fact the protagonist of a unprecedented and extraordinary adventure, capable of relaunching the franchise in a big way thanks to an engaging and substantial campaign, as well as a whole series of novelties regarding characters and gameplay.

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