MicroMacro: Crime City, our preview

MicroMacro: Crime City, our preview
MicroMacro: Crime City is a new investigative game for 1-4 players published by MS Edizioni that presents sixteen cases to be solved in a quite particular way compared to most of the products currently on the market. Today we present it to you after trying the demo case.

A city that is anything but quiet ...

The city of MicroMacro is anything but a safe place to live! In fact, the crime rate is very high and the local police need help in solving numerous cases. These are both murders and other crimes and the players are the investigators called to deal with sixteen cases of increasing difficulty (plus a demo case to learn how to play). All you will need are observation and deduction skills and some tools: a large map of the city, a bunch of cards for each case and a magnifying glass. Are you ready?

How to play MicroMacro: Crime City

The rules of MicroMacro: Crime City are very simple. It is a cooperative game, in which all participants are asked to join forces and discuss their theories to solve the assigned case. Before starting a player is chosen who will have the role of chief inspector, in charge of reading the cards aloud.

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To play you will have a very large and very detailed drawing of the city, full of places, details and characters intent on carrying out the most diverse activities. Once the case to be played is chosen, the first card is read, which presents the situation. Reading the introductory card reveals the second card in the deck, which asks a question related to the case. Investigators must find the answer by looking at the map and finding the drawing that allows them to respond logically and with lots of evidence (or valid deductions) to the question. When the players agree on the solution, the chief inspector turns the top card of the deck and looks at the solution. If it is correct, read the card aloud. Otherwise, the others must continue to investigate and the chief inspector can no longer participate or speak. He will only be able to tell the others if the new solution found is correct or not.

Proceed in this way until the cards that make up the deck have been used up, thus reconstructing what happened.

First Impressions

MicroMacro: Crime City is a game with simple rules which makes it suitable for a large audience. The fact of having to identify the correct image requires a detailed analysis of the map, which presents an incredible amount of elements and details. The city is divided into squares indicated by coordinates, which facilitate the identification of the different areas. The drawings on the map are small but clearly visible and by paying attention you can spot a myriad of small details and cute characters.

To play the demo case, which is very simple, it takes about 10 minutes. The regulation then indicates a duration of 15-45 minutes per game and an increasing difficulty of the proposed cases (from 1 to 5 stars).

Waiting to be able to try the complete game and evaluate how the cases evolve and as the difficulty of the same scales we point out as the only point of attention the solitaire game mode in which the player has in fact only one opportunity to find the solution of each card, because then he will have to turn it over to check if he has given the correct answer, thus seeing the solution.

Who is it suitable for

MicroMacro: Crime City can be interesting for all fans of investigative games, especially for families and younger players (in the drawings not there are violent details) or for those in their first experience with this kind of titles. However, the suggested age for the game is from 14 years old.

MicroMacro: Crime City is available for online purchase just a click away!

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